Grades May 14 - 18

Hi Garden Families,

We had a fun and busy last week of school!   Our first annual field day was a success.  The children enjoyed the varied games and activities and the rain held off!  We were able to enjoy our last visits to the creek and being together in the woods and garden.  All the students brought home their work in folders on Thursday and Friday.  A year of memories on paper, though so much more lives in their hearts!

Thank you all for sharing your children with us this year!  We loved getting to know them and teach them.  Have a safe and happy summer.  We are looking forward to seeing everyone next year.


Ki Melissa and Ki Kathee

Grades May 7 - 11

Hi Garden Families,

It is amazing to think here we are at the last week of the school year!

Thank you for joining us for our Family Tea on Friday. The Kindergartens and Grades children preformed so beautifully.  We are so proud of them!

This past week the students completed title section dividers in their master books and worked on wrapping up a few projects. They also enjoyed playing some favorite math games. During Nature Study, Ki Sonya took us to our pond for a macro invertebrate hunt. They students found such a variety of creatures, some that helped us to see our pond is in good health as well! 

This week we have planned a school-wide field day on Thursday morning. There will be games and activities rain or shine (unless there is thunder). Either way, getting wet will be part of the fun. 😃

Thursday afternoon the Grades children will be given their Master Books to bring home.  They will have time to enjoy looking through them together as a group. 


Ki Melissa and Ki Kathee

Grades April 30 - May 4

Hi Garden Families,

It was a warm and sunny week and we enjoyed being outside often and for longer periods of time!  We had visits from several local entrepreneurs this week who shared both their own start-up stories and helpful ideas for creating businesses.  The students loved hearing about this and developed fun and interesting concepts for creating their own businesses!

We had fun adding more plants and flowers to our upper garden area as well as visiting and playing with our farm animal friends in the Learning Farm.  The Lower grades continued developing their own fairy tale and the Upper grades wrote thank you cards to for our guests and worked on mental math.

We will be heading to the creek more often in the last two weeks of school as well as wrapping up some on-going projects and revisiting math concepts.  Please help your child come prepared with appropriate layers and extra clothing.  We look forward to seeing you all at our Family Day Tea this Friday!


Ki Melissa and Ki Kathee

Garden Family Camping Trip May 2018

We had beautiful north Georgia weather for our garden families camping trip to Fallen Oak Farm in Dahlonega. A BIG thank you to Beth and Ben Erredia as well as Enzo, Saul, and Niko for hosting us this weekend. They worked so hard to make their special space well-groomed and comfortable for us! Thanks to all of you who were able to join us for the day or for the overnight. It was too much fun!

We found snails and beetles and a skink and put them in a big cardboard box to watch throughout the weekend. We climbed trees. We played Hide and Seek in the forest. We had a delicious potluck supper and a campfire with banana split 'smores. We played Ladder Golf and Wildlife Beanbag Toss and Animal Track Twister. We hiked along a nearby lake where we saw lot of cows and found a tiny turtle. We hiked to an overlook above the Etowah River and saw mountain laurel, Frazer magnolia, trillium, Solomon's seal, and wild geranium in bloom. We pitched our tents next to the river so we could hear the rippling water as we slept. We finished off the trip with a breakfast of strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, pecan, chocolate chip pancakes!

Grades April 23 - 27

Hi Garden Families,

Thank you all who attended our play on Saturday.  We are so proud of all our students!  They practiced long and hard and each one of them gave their all on Saturday!  Thank you to our homeschool parents and students who came daily the last three weeks.  It made a difference for the children and the quality of the play as well. 

Last week was a busy week of play practice and prop making.  The Upper grade students dyed the fire silks for the play and the Lower grades wet felted Iduna’s golden apples.  The children also modeled the life cycle of a butterfly in clay while enjoying a story about a little green caterpillar’s metamorphosis.  We played in the creek and had a wonderful wetlands walk with Ki Sonya where we discovered a baby turtle, water spiders, tadpoles and a dragonfly nymph among many other interesting nature friends.  

As the weather warms up, the children get wetter during creek play.  Please help your child come prepared with extra clothes and a wet bag for those wet items.  It is also the time to change from rain boots to closed-toe, rubber-soled water shoes if desired.  


Ki Melissa and Ki Kathee

Environmental Art Festival: April 20, 2018

In celebration of Earth Day, we held our first-ever Environmental Arts Festival. Students and parents walked a new art ribbon trail that Ki Sonya cut through the pine forest and along the mowed right of way. They saw art displayed along the trail and voted for their three favorites. The People's Choice Awards will be announced at lunch on Tuesday. Parents may pick up their child's art on Wednesday at morning drop-off.

The artwork displayed included drawings, paintings, sculptures, pottery, and mobiles. We also displayed the garden rocks painted by the kindergarten students, the tile mosaics created by the grades students, and our Nature at Night wildlife posters.

Ki Sonya had an exhibit of photos of her dog Story with quotes about dogs. Teachers and students from the Purple Elephant Art Studio painted one of our tall storm drains in the right of way along the creek. Other young artists will have an opportunity to paint more of the storm drains this summer.

We send out a BIG thank you to all the parents and staff who helped set up and take down and who walked through the art show and voted for your favorites. Ki Jasmine and Chef Nina provided delicious refreshments and picnic lunch for us. The weather was as pretty as it could be. It was an "art-tastic" day!

Ideas for Art as a Family    From Beth Prigge, Art Educator

-You don’t have to be an artist to make art

-Focus more on the process of making art than the outcome. 

-Special art materials are not required to create art. 

-Use the end of toilet paper tubes to stamp into paint and create a painting of circles. 

-Use scissors outside to work on cutting skills and trim grass or weeds. 

-Look in your pantry for dried pasta, beans or rice and create a colorful sensory experience by dying them different colors

-Try stamping with the ends of fruits and veggies. If you make a food paint they can be eaten afterwards. 

Check out Andy Goldsworthy, an artist who uses only materials found in nature to create beautiful art!

Kindergarten April 16 - 20

This week was all about our three ducklings! We are enjoying them so much. 

Ki Azar read us some great stories this week in storytime.

In our Nature Moment, we went with Ki Sonya on a walk to explore the edge of the wetlands.

On Tuesday we celebrated Aura's fourth trip around the sun with her family and some funfetti cupcakes. We knew by this time in the school year that she would receive gifts of a stone, a button, a shell, and a feather to commemorate her four years.

On Friday, we walked along the new art ribbon trail to see art by our students and students at three art studios displayed throughout the pine forest. We climbed on top of the newly painted (well, it was fully dry) storm drain. If you have never seen a raccoon ride a bicycle, walk down the steep hill behind the retention pond to see this one! We ate our lunch at the picnic tables in the sunshine.

Grades April 16 - 20

Hi Garden Families,

The students have been practicing and are working hard to get ready for our class play this Saturday at 2:00pm. In class, the Lower grades worked on the golden apple props and their own fairy tales in their master books. The Upper grades are working on grammar, including parts of speech and spelling.  The Grades class also completed repairs and maintence on our forest shelter as well as continued developing our herb garden by planting chives and lettuce seeds.  All children have enjoyed learning about the life of honeybees as well as song birds, which they modeled using clay. In Music we have been learning songs for our family tea in May.  Congrats to Amelia for finishing her knitted hat! 

We are looking forward to Saturday!  Please have your child to the school by 1:00pm.  The performance starts at 2:00pm.  As customary with Waldorf plays, we ask that you refrain from taking videos or photographs during the performance. 


Ki Melissa and Ki Kathee

At Creekcess on Tuesday, we used the swing to cross from one side of the creek to the other, getting thoroughly wet.

At Nature Study with Ki Sonya, we did an archaeology dig in the sand box and the sand boat. We found bones, antlers, shells, crystals, fossils, and Native American artifacts. We cleaned them and laid them out on a grid as we had found them so we could record their locations.

At the Environmental Art Festival, we walked the new art ribbon trail that winds through the pine forest and the mowed right of way. Students from our school and from three local art studios entered artwork that they had completed. We also displayed our Nature at Night wildlife posters and our tile mosaics. We looked at the art displayed all along the trail and voted for our three favorites. Then we ate lunch outside at the picnic tables.

Grades April 9 - 14

Hi Garden Families,

The children have worked hard this past week getting ready for our play.  They have worked on memorizing their lines, figuring out stage measurements, working out stage placement and adding dramatic inflections to their lines.  We also have fun exploring at the creek, learning about bees during Nature Exploration where we listened to stories, observed and drew bees, and modeled them with clay.  The weather finally remained dry enough for us to complete our mosaics on cinder blocks!  We also had a very fun story-telling session during handwork!  Finally, the little herb garden near the stairs to the playground is thriving thanks to the grades students. In addition to herbs we have planted tomatoes and lettuce, and marigolds. 


Ki Melissa and Ki Kathee

During creekcess on Tuesday, the grades students excavated some blue clay for art projects and created a large burrow in the creek bank for a young male beaver to move into.

Students' wildlife art posters were displayed in the Nature at Night art exhibit on the basketball court. They will also be displayed at the Environmental Arts Festival this Friday!

Ki Sonya

Kindergarten April 9 - 14

The kindergarten students participated in an archaeology dig in the sandbox and sandboat. They discovered and uncovered bones, shells, crystals, fossils, antlers, Native American artifacts, and more.

In storytime this week, we learned how the honey bee got its stinger.

Students' wildlife art posters were displayed in the Nature at Night art exhibit on the basketball court.

Kindergarten March 26 - 30

This week we celebrated the 5th birthday of our twins, Ezra and Lounes, with their extended family. Their Mom, Christine, made delicious coconut cupcakes for everyone.

We learned more about night animals and practiced drawing them. Finally we drew our chosen nocturnal animals onto the beautiful watercolor backgrounds we had created a week before. These will be submitted to the Nature at Night wildlife poster contest.

We visited the fairy hostel each day to see the changes that fairies had made to it and the new items they had added. We created our own fairy houses out in the forest.

We finished making and decorating the big folders that will hold all of our artwork.

Ki Sonya shared with us the story of How Coyote Helped to Create the Stars.

Grades March 26 - 30

Hi Garden Families,

The Grades class enjoyed their first week of the Performance block.  They practiced reading for various roles, played dramatic games and worked through various ideas for props, backdrops and costumes.  Friday, roles were assigned and scripts sent home.  Please have your child/ren bring their scripts each day to school.

We wrapped up the current social entrepreneurship session with a final meeting  where we assessed the Springtide school store success and brainstormed ideas for how to save, share and spend the profits.  The children enjoyed making stars from sticks in Nature Exploration as well as had fun creating leaf and petal designs which were then laminated. In Advocacy the students have created Rules of Respect for All and we have been discussing ways to make wise decisions about interactions with others. 

We hope you have a relaxing and restful spring break!


Ki Melissa and Ki Kathee

This week the grades students worked on the drawings they will enter in the Nature at Night wildlife poster contest. Each student drew one or more nocturnal animals onto their lovely watercolor backgrounds. These will be mailed to the State Botanical Garden in Athens for judging.

The grades students discovered two killdeer parents. These wonderful birds, related to the plover, are living in our back parking lot and probably keeping a close vigil over their nest. We hope to see their chicks soon, which look like cotton balls with two little toothpick legs.

Ki Sonya

Grades March 19 - 23

Hi Garden Families,

We are excited to start our Performance block.  This week the children will hear the story of Iduna and the Apples.  Also during this coming block, the Lower grades will continue to work on writing their own fairy tale.

Last week the Lower grades crafted the base-line for their story which will be a sequel to The 13 Clocks.  They will be copying text they create together as well as adding an individual spin to their copies.  The students will also illustrate their own stories.  The Upper grades finished the Norse myths this week with the Valkyries and Ragnarok, the final battle.  As I told about Ragnarok there were shouts of hurrah coupled with loud NOs. It is a rousing tale.

All the students worked hard this past week to get ready for our Springtide Festival.  They hand-crafted a wide variety of products during their Social Entrepreneurship period and the items that didn’t see Saturday will be available for sale in our school store.  The children are also working on drawing of “Nature at Night” to enter into a contest which features nocturnal animals.

It looks like another week of all four seasons in five days!  Please send your child/ren with appropriate gear! 😊


Ki Melissa and Ki Kathee

Kindergarten March 19 - 23

We celebrated two spring birthdays this week: Gabriela turned five and Lochlan turned four. In storytime, Ki Warren told us a Native American story about how the people came to have fire.

Ki Lindsey helped us create wet on wet watercolors in combinations of red and blue. We will be using these as backgrounds for our nocturnal animal drawings. Ki Sonya will be helping us next week with drawings of night animals to enter in the state wildlife poster contest.

For Creature Feature, we met a beautiful and very soft rabbit.

Grades March 12 - 16

Hi Garden Families,

The Grades students had a good time in our warmer weather and enjoyed a little extra creek time.  In class, the Lower Grades finished the story, The 13 Clocks, worked on spelling and grammar, practiced telling time, and began work on making our own clocks. In the Upper grades, the students heard new stories about Thor and Baldur, and continued lessons in spelling and grammar.  This week we will be finishing the Norse myths block with the stories of the Valkyries and the final battle, Ragnarok.

In Modeling, we all worked in making the basic human form with clay. We wet-on-wet painted from the Norse Myths (Upper) and nighttime scenes (Lower).  During Social Entrepreneurship, the students continued making soaps, assembled mushroom logs and made and labeled lip balm.

Have a wonderful week!  We hope to see you all at our Springtide Festival this Saturday!


Ki Melissa and Ki Kathee

The grades students enjoyed this week's Creature Feature on Snow Dogs. They visited with Ki Sonya's two dogs: a 12-year-old Samoyed named Story and a 5-year-old Great Pyrenees named Prancer. They learned about pack hiking, dog sledding, dog rescue, and using Samoyed hair to make hats, scarves, and mittens.

The students are preparing to enter a wildlife poster competition coordinated by the State Botanical Garden in Athens. The theme is Nature at Night so we talked about nocturnal animals and practiced drawing some of them.

We added new suet to the suet feeders for the woodpeckers and put a fence around the herb garden to keep the rabbits on the outside.

Ki Sonya

Kindergarten March 12 - 16

We started off the week by celebrating Oliver's 6th birthday. During Creature Feature, we met Ki Sonya's two snow dogs: a Samoyed named Story and a Great Pyrenees named Prancer. In the Nature Moment, we looked at different kinds of sea sponges. 

A trailer-load of logs was delivered and they made the perfect place to crawl about and look for hidden popsicle sticks. We also balanced books on our heads, discovered a new pine tree that had fallen to the ground, and sat on the wall in the sunshine. We are looking forward to warmer weather!