Kindergarten: Sept 10 - 14

This past week Mountain & Meadow celebrated dear McKenna's 5th birthday, we found tadpoles where the rainwater had collected inside a tarp in the forest, built a teepee house and broom of pine to go inside, enjoyed Spanish and Mandarin by the pond (where we will have foreign language from now on), and had a happy (and hot!) week over all. 

Thank you as always for bringing in the snacks and for those who came to the community work day this past weekend! 

Have a good week! 

Mountain & Meadow

Upper Grades: Sept 10 - 14

Last week the Upper Grades class wrapped up our local geography block with a deeper look into the first people of Georgia and how the regions and resources have impacted how humans have lived since first arriving in Georgia. Our field trips to the Etowah Indian Mounds and New Echota helped strengthen our understanding of the Mississippian and late Cherokee people. We will continue to dig into the way our local land and natural resources have given rise to industry and development throughout history in our practice periods over the next few weeks. Our field trip to Driftwood Education Center in October will weave in more of the geography, industry, and native culture of coastal Georgia and the barrier islands. It was wonderful to spend time with your children these past few weeks!

— Ki Molly

Thank you, Ki Molly, for helping us expand into our region on all levels!  This week we will focus on math, and next week is our break. The day we return, October 1, we will have an early morning start as we begin our journey to St. Simons Isalnd’s Driftwood Education Center!  More details are coming. 

Have a great week! 

Ki Carol 

Middle Grades: Sept 10 - 14

We had a busy week! 

Our new morning circle routine is to leave the playground between 8:50 and 9:00 and walk to the garden and spend just a few minutes. As the weather begins to cool down - if it ever does - we will be spending more time either at the garden or in the outdoor classroom.  Outdoor shoes - preferably rainboots, that can be washed when we have returned to the building - are a must, since we may be working in the area where the animals have been, or in muddy areas.

On Thursday we will have our Day of Remembrance presentation at 2:00.  Please keep going over the lines of the poem with your children so that everyone is prepared.  We will be practicing in the classroom, but follow up at home is important, so that no one gets stage fright!

Today we start the math block.  My goal is to help the students enjoy the art of counting, and to help them discover more than one way to solve math problems.  They will be memorizing the multiplication tables up to 12.  A table a day keeps the math ogre away.  An at home project might be to make a set of flash cards each day and add the new ones to the mix so that they are seeing and recognizing multiplication facts out of order.  We will be walking, jumping rope, writing, and reciting a lot of numbers this week.  Yay for math!!

The younger students are beginning to make great progress in reading.  Daily reading at home is a good back-up to what they are learning at school.  It can become a treasure moment for everyone to have a designated time to read each evening.  It they are books that your child can read, read it the first time together out loud, then ask your cild to read it to you.  This process can help them become so much more confident when they are asked to read in the classroom.

It's hard to believe that our first break is right around the corner.  Have a great week!

Lower Grades: Sept 10 - 14

Hi Lower Grades Families,
It was a fun week in class! We shared the stories Jorinda and Joringel and Cinderella ( the original version from Brothers Grimm which the children really enjoyed). We worked on our letter sounds including letters that make two sounds such as g and c (hard and soft sounds) and our vowel was O. 
In math, the students made sets of cards with silly giant faces for our game “Wake Up, Giants” and they played the game in small group which helps them practice addition. 
The children made pom-poms in handwork, wet-on-wet painted with blue, made clay patties that we formed into cross shapes (working to make straight edges and sharp corners), played Simon Says in both Spanish and Mandarin, and combined several colors to try and make the color brown using our block crayons, among other activities.  Our Creek-cess became “Forest-cess” on Friday as we stay out of the creek for 24 hours after it has rained.  The students enjoyed this change and had a great time playing in and around the forest kindergarten classroom.  
This coming week is our last week of our Alphabet block. When we come back from break we will focus on numbers each morning and work on our language skills in the afternoons.  The October Parent Conference sign-up is open.  Please be sure to sign up for a slot! 

Ki Melissa 

HomeSchool: Sept 10 - 14

We had so much fun this week, and learned a few things along the way! On Tuesday, we explored the retention pond and collected a few cattails for our classroom. We sewed our master book portfolios together with yarn and practiced the Native American/First Nations patterns we are going to paint on our talking sticks. We made insects out of clay. On Thursday, we played the Fire Brigade water relay at the creek. Getting the pitchers of creek water up the cliff was exciting and wet! We created water color paintings of sunsets in blue, red, and purple and learned more about monarch butterflies and their winter homes in Mexico.

This Tuesday, each HomeSchool student will choose a state to study as a home geography project. They will bring home an envelope with a Great States! form to complete. They should bring these back to school Tuesday, October 2nd (after fall break) and be prepared to share some fun things about their state with the rest of our group.

This Thursday is our school-wide Day of Courage celebration. It is from 2:00 to 2:30pm on the meadow and parents are invited to attend. All students will be singing this chant from the traditional Waldorf Michalmus feast day:

"When I conquer within me fear and wrath,

Mi-chi-el in heaven casts the dragon forth."

For a special morning snack on the Day of Courage, Ki Kelly and Logan are baking a Bread Dragon to share with us. It will contain gluten, raw honey, and butter. It may be decorated with dried coconut shavings, pepitas, dried cranberry, and/or cashews. Bring an alternative snack if you need to. I can't wait to see what our dragon looks like!

I will have carpal tunnel surgery on my left (dominant) wrist this Friday. I'll have fall break to spend some time resting and recovering. I'm assisting with the field trip to Saint Simons Island for Older Grades October 1st thru 3rd so will not be at the school those three days. Kate Brown, Nola and Mike's Mom, will be subbing for me during that time. Ki Kate is going to join us this Thursday, getting to know the students and our rhythm. 

Thanks to Heather and Julia for signing up for a time slot for parent/teacher conferences the week of October 8th. If you have not yet signed up, see the September 10th Monday Messenger that you received as an email, scroll down to Sign-ups are available.... and click on HomeSchool Group. Our conferences will be on the afternoons of October 8th, 9th, 10th, and 11th.
Quote from a child: 

Ki Mike, from Peachtree Bikes: "Be sure you always have plenty of air in your bike tires."

Girl Scout: "Do you mean that when we get our hair cut, we need to stuff the hair into our tires?"

Quote from Unknown: "We do not see the world as it is. We see the world as we are."

See you on the meadow,

Ki Sonya

Kindergarten: September 3-7

Dear Mountain & Meadow parents,

We had our first assembly of the year this past Friday and it was a true joy to see what the children have been working on thus far. We were very proud of Mountain and Meadow who did so well all throughout! 

We spotted a new frog last week, made a beeswax candle, gathered our favorite leaves in the forest, made necklaces out of yarn and leaves, and made our hands red and pink from squishing poke wood berries! 

We ran, jumped, splashed and played. It was a good week. We really missed Ki Warren and are happy he's back with us! 

Meadow parents who sign up for snack, please bring in snacking vegetables (any vegetable you can dip in hummus) instead of fruits from now on, this will provide for the children’s second snack, while mountain garden will provide the fruit snack. We’ve noticed there’s been a lot of left over fruit and we can use the vegetables for MWF second snack and our soup on Thursdays. As a reference, the children usually eat roughly 10 lbs of fresh veggies a week. Thank you. 

One last request, please put the children’s change of clothes in a labeled bag! 

Thank you all and may we have a wonderful week ahead of us! 

Mountain & Meadow

Middle Grades: September 3-7

The Middle grades had a great time writing their song for the first assembly.  Thanks to everyone who helped on the day of while I was away.  My friend's surgery went well, and we have our fingers crossed that no further treatment or surgery will be necessary.  We have one more creation story to complete today, and then the majority of our week will be spent outside - if it doesn't rain!!  We will be talking about the wonders of creation exhibited right here in our forest.  Stories this week include the story of St. Francis and the story of St. Clare.  Looking ahead, I will be continuing to assess students on their math skills to see where everyone is before we begin our math block.

The students are going to be spending a lot more time outside beginning this week, and they will be in the garden farm area, where there is animal waste.  PLEASE, please, please send boots for them.  We will wash the boots when we return, and their regular shoes will not be muddy and wet.  They need these same boots on Wednesdays with Ki Sonya, since they are likely to be in the pond, the watershed, or the creek.  And since we are talking about shoes,  some of the students still don't have all-the-time inside shoes.  Please follow up on that.

Thank you to the parents who have sent yogurt containers.  We're getting there.  We just need a few more.

Thank you!!!

Upper Grades: September 3 - 7

Greetings Upper Grades families,

We continued our study of Local Geography last week. We looked into the forces that have shaped the Georgia landscape through the ages, and this week we'll tie in how that geography has shaped human history in the area, with studies of the indigenous peoples and the European settlers. The students worked in small groups to research and present to the class each of the geographical regions and how they were formed, the characteristics of the regions, and the natural resources and crops that are produced in each region. We also built 3-D models of the state characterizing each region's elevation and topography and continued with map drawing, compass work, and honing our composition and grammar skills. We also continued weaving our review of arithmetic into our daily studies.

Reminder that our field trip to the Etowah Indian Mounds and New Echota is this Thursday, September 13. We will be leaving from the school parking lot at 9:00am returning by 3:30pm. 

We're so excited that we will be taking an overnight field trip to St. Simons Island next month, with Ki Sonya and her older Homeschool students! We'll leave early on the morning of Monday, October 1 and return in the evening on October 3. Detailed packing and departure information will be sent soon. We'll be staying at the Driftwood Education Center where we will study marine science, and take a deeper look into Georgia's coastal plain and barrier island regions. If your child will not be able to attend, please let us know asap so we can adjust our headcount totals. Please be on the lookout for medical forms and permission slips coming home soon. We hope this trip will provide a meaningful and experiential conclusion to our Local Geography block as well as an opportunity for continuing to build healthy group dynamics and relationships as a class.

We were so very proud of our class as they organized and MC'd the first assembly at the Garden School this past Friday.  They did a beautiful job of singing our song, "Land of the Silver Birch."  See the video on the Families Facebook page!

Have a great week!


Ki Carol and Ki Molly

image (2).jpg

HomeSchool: September 3 - 7

This week in the HomeSchool group we continued our study of insects, drawing sidewalk chalk insects and creating a class poem about insects and arachnids (see below). We had a good Creek Crawl, exploring Little Little Noonday Creek and doing some swimming. Ki Sonya told a story about a boy, five white goats, a stable, and a red wasp. We worked on our portfolios for our master books. We had wonderful afternoon yoga sessions with Ki Nina.

The fall family camping trip was a huge success. Fallen Oak Farm is such a beautiful place to visit this time of year. Ki Sonya and Don Andres led kayaking for beginners on the lake, where we saw green herons, kingfishers, freshwater colonial bryozoan, and some dark, fox-like animals out in the pasture! Ki Ben and Ki Beth led the whole group on a hike through the woods to the Etowah River. Families swam in the river, roasted marshmallows on the campfire, and played with fireflies.

Reminders of upcoming events:

Tuesday, September 11th: In Girl Scouts, 3:30-5:00pm, Mike and Elexa Wagaman, Garden School parents and owners of Peachtree Bikes, will lead Bike Safety. Please bring your bike and helmet to school in the morning.

Thursday, September 13th: Ari and Elsu will be attending the field trip to Etowah Indian Mounds.

Thursday, September 13th: HomeSchool will be at the creek in the morning so wear swimsuit, shorts and shirt that can get wet, and watershoes. Bring clothes, socks, and shoes to change into. Bring a small towel for drying off.

Saturday, September 15th: The monthly Community Work Day at The Garden School. (Ki Sonya will not be there but you could work on a couple of HomeSchool outdoor projects).

A Day of Insects and Arachnids

a class poem by the HomeSchool Group

Ants are builders, warriors, tasty…to an anteater.

Fireflies, hovering wings, glowing butts in the dark, 

bioluminescence like the stars.

Dragonflies, multi-faceted eyes, born in the water, into the air, 

flying forward, backward, up and down.

Beetles, horned, strong, crawling up your toes.

Mosquitoes, teenie weenie, suck your blood.

Butterflies, egg, caterpillar, chrysalis, adult…drinking straw proboscis.

Moths, nocturnal, follow the lamplight, the moonlight, camouflaged.

Ticks, eight-legged, sticking to you, 

climb into your underwear ‘cause it’s warm.

Crickets, chirping talk for other crickets, making sound with legs and wings.

Bees, pollen on back legs, carrying yummy honey.

Spiders, banana yellow and black, glistening web, 

here comes a lot of dinner.

Quote from a child: "I didn't think orange went with purple until I saw the sunset on Tuesday. That was awesome!"

Quote from John Maxwell: "Sometimes you win. Sometimes you learn."

See you down the trail,

Ki Sonya

Lower Grades: September 3 - 7

The Lower Grades enjoyed  a short, but full week. We continued our letter journey sharing the Grimms Brothers’ stories Rumpelstiltskin and The Valiant Little Tailor. We reviewed all the letters we have done thus far and continued working on formation and sound for new letters. For Math, we played a whole class version of “Wake-up Giants” using dice as well as the children playing addition dice in pairs. We made coil pots when modeling with clay and worked on drawing ribbons with our block crayons. In handwork, the students have been half lots of fun wet felting balls. 
Our first First Friday assembly went wonderfully!  Each class shared something they have been working on in their respective classes. All the children enjoyed watching each class perform. It was fun and informative at the same time. 

Ki Melissa

Kindergarten: Aug 27 - 31

Happy September! 

This past week was especially exciting because we got to splash and play in the creek every day! We spotted raccoon and deer tracks in the sand and little fish in the water. The children gathered stones in a wagon and piled them into the channel where water would flow, without any suggestion from us! This was followed by taking turns wheeling each other around in the wagon. We found wild strawberries in the garden, an ant colony living inside a tree, and seashells by the creek. We made sand angels, a forest salad, and placed our painted stones down the forest path.

Our days are feeling more attune to the "breathe in, breathe out" rhythm that we hope to achieve. We are still working around all the transitions, however. It often feels rushed, especially coming in for lunch, so we are trying to see how we can make things run smoother still. 

It's been really wonderful getting to know and understand each child and seeing how they view and respond to the world around them. We am learning a lot from them.

The children look out for each other and ask one another "are you okay?" or "why is he/she crying?" There is a natural tendency towards empathy and wanting to help the other.

If you tried to send an email to mountain@ or meadow@ in the past week and it didn't go through, please know it is because our emails was changed. The emails were supposed to be redirected to the new email address but since that wasn't working we are keeping the original email, so hopefully we will be able to receive your messages now.

Also, now that we've got the garden beds cleaned up, we would love to start gardening with the children! If you know where we may acquire free garden soil, please let us know! 

As always, your energy and commitment to the children, school, and our community is very much appreciated. I am learning everything starts at home, and I can see that each child is so loved and cared for and I sincerely hope we can extend that love and care when they come to school each day. 

With Gratitude,

The Kindergarten Teachers

Upper Grades: August 27 - 31

Greetings, Upper Grades families!

Last week and until September 14, Ki Molly is teaching the Main Lesson block, which is Local Geography.  The block began with a look into our immediate surroundings. We completed map drawings of our desks, bedrooms, classroom, and campus taking into consideration orientation, birds-eye view perspective, scale and dimension. Next week, we move outward into the local area and state with studies of the first people of Georgia.  Next week on September 13, we are going on a field trip to the Etowah Indian Mounds (built by the Mississippian people in ancient times) and to New Echota, the capital of the Cherokee Nation until their forced removal in 1830.

We had a good turnout at the Parent Evening on August 28. An overview for those who were unable to attend: I talked about "circle time" or "warmups" in Waldorf education.  This summer I learned in my training that different activities represent either an "in breath" --  promoting inward individual concentration -- or an "out breath" -- representing expansion, release, and social connection.  Just like our physical breathing is naturally an alternation of in breath and out breath, the nature of our activities should ideally have this alternation as well.  In general we try to keep this in mind when scheduling the activities of the school day, but especially during circle or warmups.  I learned that since all the children and teachers arrive at school in their own frame of mind, based on the many factors influencing that, by joining together in our warmups, with alternating inward and outward activities, we start to "breathe" as one; so instead of teaching a number of individual children, we end up teaching one class.  In the Parent Evening, we did a sample warmups time, including bean bag tossing.  Hopefully the parents present had as much fun as I did.  :)

Elexa Wagaman, the parent who is leading the fundraising activities of our school this year, came to our meeting and inspired us to give to the school, starting with "Apogee" fund.  This is an easy and painless way to direct state taxes to The Garden School.  Please participate by talking to Elexa or reading about it on the Monday Messenger.  

Happy September!

Ki Carol

Upper Grades.jpg

HomeSchool: August 27 - 31

Thanks to our HomeSchool parents for all your support in these first weeks of school. Your donations of program supplies and gear have helped tremendously. It was great visiting with Justin and Paulyna and Michelle at the parent evening. 

This week the HomeSchool group collected and studied insects. I told a monarch migration story. We made monarch caterpillar bracelets (black, white, and light yellow striped) and gave them to the first graders in Ki Melissa's class. We wrote in our nature journals, painted watercolors outdoors, fed kudzu to the farm animals, and ate lunch at HomeSchool Beach for the first time. We collected kudzu blossoms and made a kudzu chamomile cinnamon sun tea. 

We sang these two new songs this week:

Swinging Along the Open Road:

Swinging along the open road under a sky that's clear

Swinging along the open road in the fall of the year.

Swinging along, swinging along, swinging along the open road, all in the fall of the year.

Swinging along the open road, swinging along under a sky so clear

Swinging along the open road, all in the fall, in the fall of the year

Swinging along, swinging along, swinging along the open ro-ad, all in the fall of the year.

I Like Dirt:

Ohhhhhhhhh, I like dirt, I like dirt

And it doesn't hurt if I get it on my shirt.

I like to squish it through my toes.

I like to spray it through the hose.

It's why our garden grows and grows.

Oh I like dirt, I like dirt, I like dirt, I like dirt....

It is heart-warming to see how the HomeSchoolers are enthusiastically doing their chores on Thursday afternoon. These are simple tasks like helping to clean the two small bathrooms we use, taking the trash to the dumpster, vacuuming the Blue Sky Room, and packing up our classroom for the end of the week. Many hands definitely make light work.

The hot and dry weather has been perfect for our time at the water. We know it cannot last, so we'll take full advantage of it this next week. On Tuesday, we will eat lunch at HomeSchool Beach so bring water shoes, clothes that can get wet, a change of clothes, extra socks and shoes. On Thursday, we will have circle and then go on a Creek Crawl so wear swimsuits, clothes that can get wet, and water shoes. Bring more clothes, socks, and shoes to change into.

We will have a special fruit snack this Thursday morning. It will be an island scene of pineapple slices, banana slices, green apple slices, and red grapes. The apples and grapes are organic. Fell free to count on this as your child's snack that day or bring an alternative snack.

Quote from a child: "It's impossible to say how many fireflies are in the night sky. There would only be too many if the whole sky glowed green."

Quote from John McCain, 1936-2018: "Nothing in life is more liberating than to fight for a cause larger than yourself, something that encompasses you but is not defined by your existence alone."

See you at the creek!

Ki Sonya

Lower Grades: August 27 - 31

Thank you Lower Grade families who came to our Parent Night!  It was a lot of fun sharing our circle time activities and weekly rhythm with you all.  My school email is if you need to contact me. 

This week we met more consonants as well as the short vowel “e”.  We shared stories (The Devil and the Three Golden Hairs and The Elves by the Brothers Grimm) as we met the letters and drew several pictures as we went.  The children are really getting the feel for using their block crayons and are drawing with more confidence.  We made egg pudding on Friday.  About half the students decided mixing it with the egg beater was more fun that eating it, while others enjoyed both the making and the eating 😊.  For Math, we used dice and counting gems.  The students rolled dice, added the sums and together we tallied answers.  This is a time to introduce the children to math dice.  We will play several math games as a class and eventually break into small groups.

Next Friday will be our First Friday assembly.  We will have morning classes and around 11:45 we will gather in the sanctuary downstairs for our assembly.  At 12:30 the students will gather outside at the picnic tables for early pick-up.  Children who are staying for the rest of the day will join Ki Nina in the afterschool program.  We are looking forward to adding this new experience to our growing school.


Ki Melissa

Middle Grades: August 27 - 31

This week the middle grades began their block on Creation stories.  The students had the opportunity to paint wet on wet versions of each day's creation from the Hebrew creation story.  Next week they will hear the Hopi story of creation, the Cherokee story of creation, and a Chinese story of creation.

Coming up this week is our first First Friday Assembly.  Our students will be presenting their Compost project to the rest of the school, during which were will be a little singing and a little acting and a little fun.  Parents are welcome to attend.  Please remember to arrange to pick your child up at 12:30, or make arrangements for them to attend after care.

We talked about nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs, and we will be compiling index cards of words to identify as doing, naming, or describing.  We will be using the cards to write sentences, and will begin to name the types of sentences over the course of the next several weeks.  Any reinforcement from home is welcome!!

I still need individual yogurt sized containers.  Please send what you have.  If every family sent two, we'd be in great shape.

I haven't heard from everyone about the field trip.  I have to send the deposit on Tuesday, so at this point I am assuming that every child will be going.  If that is not the case, please let me know so that we don't purchase a ticket that can't be used.  Nicole Mateo is the only confirmed chaperone/driver at this time.  We need at least two more drivers..  Remember that you have to have a volunteer form on file, which will require a background check.  I need to have the chaperone count by Tuesday also, so please communicate!!

Let's talk about shoes.... each child needs to have waterproof boots for nature study, gardening, and other woodsy activities.  Now that our boxes are finished, these boots can stay at school in the box.  Most of the students already have their eurhythmy slippers.  These are kept upstairs, so that if a child gets mud on their shoes, or gets them wet, and has to leave them at the door, they will have something to wear to the bathroom and to the lunchroom, two places where they have to wear shoes.  If your child doesn't have the slippers, or if you have not provided an acceptable alternative, it is very important that you send in a pair of shoes or get your child fitted for the eurhythmy slippers as soon as possible.  Check in at the front desk to ask about the slippers.

Save the dates:  Thursday, Sept. 20 - Day of Courage, 2:00 p.m.  Our class is telling the story while it is being acted out.  Sept. 24-28 Fall Break.

If you haven't yet joined Bloomz, please think about it.  It's the best way to get last minute news and reminders, and a great place to ask questions.

Meadowgarten: Aug 20 - 24

Good Monday Families!! 

We had a wonderful week last week settling into our rhythm and exploring the wonders of our campus. We have started having our forest play with the other kindergarten class and will continue to combine our energies during this time and snack time as well. We saw lots of creatures this past week including; caterpillars, butterflies, skinks, tadpoles, turtles, fun bugs, skiddish chipmunks, and our wonderful garden animals. We are looking forward to this next week as we begin to make bread and crafts, explore the creek, and learn wonderful things along the way. 

Thank you to all of the parents who came out to the workday this past weekend! We accomplished a lot and it was wonderful to see the community working together to better our space. If you did not make it, no worries, there will be other days and many more ways to contribute! This coming week we will be in the creek so please remember to pack extra clothes and shoes that can get wet!

We have a new floor in our classroom! We are excited to see how that helps cool the space, as well as how that changes the nature of our play. 

Thanks for all of your wonderful energy! Enjoy your week! 

- Meadowgarten Class 

Mountaingarten: Aug 20 - 24

Hello Mountain families!

Another good week is behind us and we are looking forward to the next! 

We celebrated dear Maya's 4th birthday, picked elderberries in the garden, went for a walk down the art walk trail and gathered our favorite stones that we would later paint, chopped vegetables for our soup, crafted a God's Eye, made a wildflower bouquet for our classroom, touched strange caterpillars, and enjoyed the early morning breezes. We are excited Autumn is near. 

We're looking forward to start our seasonal garden now that the weeds have been pulled. Thank you to everyone who came to help during the community work day! And thank you for the fruit! And everyone who has helped in setting up and putting away our classroom. Your help is appreciated. 


Ki Fatima & Ki Aja

HomeSchool: August 20 - 24

From the pond to the creek to the wetland, this was a week of water exploration for the HomeSchool group. We are also exploring the world of insects so we collected some to observe during the week and sang the insect song called Head, Thorax, Abdomen! We celebrated Bear's 9th birthday at the pond overlook. This next week we will be looking at two big M words, metamorphosis and migration, making monarch caterpillar bracelets, and trying our hand at watercolor. You do not need your water clothes, just some good walking shoes, rubber boots, and extra socks. Be sure to write your name on everything.

Join us for these events if you can:

Parent Evening for HomeSchool is tonight at 7:00pm in the Blue Sky Room.

2nd Garden Girls Girl Scout meeting is tomorrow at 3:30pm at the picnic tables.

HomeSchool Waterfall Fun Day is Friday at 10:00am at High Shoals Falls in Dallas.

Garden families fall camping trip is September 8th & 9th at Fallen Oak Farm in Dahlonega.

Quote from a child: "I'm not sure what that bug is called. I learned it twice but I forgot it three times."

Quote from Aretha Franklin, 1942-2018: "Music does a lot of things for a lot of people. It's transporting, for sure. It can take you right back, years back, to the very moment certain things happened in your life. I will always be singing somewhere."

Lower Grades: August 20 - 24

The Lower Grades had a busy and fun week!  We began our first Language block which focuses on the alphabet.  Each letter is being link within a Grimm’s fairy tale.  The children did a wonderful job drawing their first master book pages matching the letters and stories.  They practiced writing the letters (letter formation) both in sand and on paper, making and identifying the letter sounds using a mirror, and copying the eurhythmy movements for each letter.  At the beginning of the week, each student made a beeswax candle to be lit during our story telling time throughout the year, and also made a smaller version to bring home.  On Friday we celebrated our first vowel, “a” by making apple crisp as an end of the week treat.  In math, we continued using pattern blocks, making walls with them one day and copying designs from cards on another day.  They enjoyed working in teams to first copy the pattern on the card and then to recreate the pattern on a board using the card as a “map”.  We also continued practicing counting by tens forward and backward using a variety of movements such as beanbag tossing, bouncing balls, hopscotch and jumping rope.

This Tuesday evening we are having our Lower Grades class parent night at 6:00.  It should last around 45 minutes in which we will review the upcoming year, give an idea of what a typical day and week are like for your child and have some time for questions at the end.  I hope you all can join us in our classroom!


Ki Melissa

Middle Grades: August 20 - 24


The Middle Grades class was busy this week measuring time, continuing our reading of The Phantom Tollbooth, and participating in all of the special studies classes.  This edition of the Messenger will be shorter than usual since I will hopefully be seeing all of you Monday night at the Class Night event.  Come early for snacks, then join me in the classroom at 7:00pm for a brief overview of our day, and of this semester's main lessons and events.  If you can't attend, I will send you electronic copies of the handouts.  See you then!!