HomeSchool: May 13 - 16

Good morning HomeSchool families!

I'm a little slow getting this letter out. Larry and his colleague Scott were driving home from leading a Forest Service training last week and they were part of a 4-car accident on I-40 in Arkansas. Larry was taken to the emergency room in Little Rock. Their federal government van was totaled. They are both OK, and returned to work today despite being stiff and sore!

Last week in HomeSchool we did the monthly chemical water quality monitoring test on Little Noonday Creek. Our creek is surprisingly clean and healthy, with an average pH of 7.0 and an average dissolved oxygen level in the springtime of 8 ppt. After the monitoring, our group of 10 did a Creek Cleanup and collected 5 bags of trash from the log jams along the creek. The most common items we found were plastic bottles, glass bottles, baseballs, softballs, golf balls, plastic detergent containers, plastic cleaner spray bottles, paper cups, drinking straws, and foam pipe wrappers. The most unusual item was a pair of pliers.

We visited the chicks in their coop down in the garden. They are growing up but are still easy to catch and hold, thanks to being handled by dozens of kids each school day.  We added compost and mulch to the holes in the concrete blocks of our spiral garden and planted flowers and herbs in each one. We water and weed the spiral garden every time we are in the garden. So far, it includes marigolds, coreopsis, moss rose, lemon balm, fennel, and mint. We need 47 more plant to complete the spiral! If any of you would like to add flowers or herbs to the spiral, feel free. The gate to that part of the garden remains unlocked. You can get water from the large white cube by the chicken coop. Large blue and smaller red watering cans are nearby. Turn the blue handle to the left to fill a watering can. Be sure to turn the blue handle back to the right quickly to conserve water. If you have time, all of the garden plants could use a good watering whenever you are there.

We found a new tree that is perfect for climbing across the creek. We ate frozen fruit bars. We sang the Choo'n Gum song and the Floating Down The River song. We played with the school turtle one more time and told him "Goodbye". He will be living with his forever family: Travis, Candace, Major, and Pipor Parks. We each shared what we are going to do this summer and where we will be for school next year. There were lots of hugs all around!

Dates to remember:

Wednesday, May 22, 5:00pm: Middle Grades "Houses from Around the World" exhibit moves to Gritters Public Library. If you live close to the school, be sure to visit Gritters to see our houses during the next month.

Thursday, May 23, 7:30pm-9:30pm: Older Girl Scouts meet to help lead the Sunset Frog Walk on Noonday Creek Trail.

Tuesday, May 28~Thursday, May 30: Girl Scout Caving and Camping Trip to Tennessee.

Thursday, May 30: Ollie's 8th birthday.

Tuesday, May 28~Friday, May 31 and Monday, June 03~Friday, June 07: Summer Camp at The Garden School.

Tuesday, June 11th, 3:30pm-5:00pm: Girl Scout meeting at the school to receive Drinking Straw Campaign materials and instructions.

Tuesday, July 9th, 3:30pm-5:00pm: Girl Scout meeting at the school to submit results of Drinking Straw Campaign and receive final awards.

Wednesday, July 10th, 3:45pm-5:00pm: Ki Sonya leads Archaeology Dig outdoors at Kennesaw Public Library. Four assistants needed to help set this up at 2:30pm and assist kids in the dig!!

Friday, July 12th: Mike's 7th birthday.

Saturday, July 13th, 10:00am-1:00pm: Hiking with Prancer at Pettit Environmental Preserve. Text me when you arrive!

Saturday, July 27th: Cooper's 10th birthday.

Quote from a child: 1st student: "Look! Those two butterflies are stuck together!" 2nd student: "Shhhhh. They are on their wedding night."

Quote from Rusty Berkus: "There is no prescribed way for everyone. There is just your way for now, until you choose another. There is no one to compare yourself to, and no one to compete with. There never was. When the Rose and the Lotus are side by side, is one more beautiful than the other?"

Thank you all for a memorable year, and thank you for sharing your sweet and smart and talented children with me! I look forward to seeing them stretch and grow!

Ki Sonya

Upper Grades: May 13 - 16

The Upper Grades class finished out the school year with their state reports. Each student received a wood carving of their state bird after presenting their state to the class. The birds are a woodworking project that they can work on over the summer with carving tools, knives, sanding, and paints to round them into closer approximations of their state bird. Here is an example of a goldfinch carving: 

This is a good gift set of beginner carving tools for students who enjoy woodworking: . 

The students bound their master books on Thursday and enjoyed looking back on the work they accomplished throughout the year. Some missing master pages were found tucked away in the classroom after dismissal. Please reach out to Ki Molly to arrange getting the missing student work. Enjoy your summer break, and we look forward to more fun and learning adventures in the fall!   

Middle Grades: May 13 - 16

We ended our year with a great week. Field Day was filled with fun activities, and as the students finished up their main lesson books and gathered everything they needed to take home, I was reminded of how

much they have grown this year, not only physically, but academically and socially. They have worked as a team this Spring to create a lovely garden patch. 

I would like to thank Holly Hollister for being our class parent this year. It has been nice to be able to ask her to set up things, make phone calls, and chaperone one of our field trips, and post things on Bloomz as needed. Many thanks, Holly!!

Many thanks to Priscila Benson for being our class parent for 2019-2020.  You will be hearing from her over the summer. 

Soon you will receive an email from me with suggestions for summer study. The reading list I send will be specific to your child. All of them would benefit from reciting the multiplication tables and doing practice problems in math, just in case anyone wanted to get a head start😊. 

I hope you have a great summer. Maybe you can join me in the garden a couple of times. Keep your eyes open for announcements about gatherings. We might have a couple of new faces to greet. 

And thanks again for sharing your children with me!!

Blessings, Kathee

Lower Grades: May 13 - 16

Thank you all for a wonderful first year together!

The Lower Grades spent this last week together playing inside and outside, finishing up projects, cleaning and enjoying each other’s company before we parted for the summer break.  Each child took home two master books and a folder containing the work they did for the year.  Please take time to share in their pride and accomplishments.  These pages reflect the work, stories and activities the children put on paper.  They were so excited to see them and it is always fun to watching them see the progress they made throughout the school year!

Thank you to Nina Grega, Abby’s mom, for being our room parent this past year.  Nina has recently joined our Board of Trustees and will focus on helping to guide our school in the coming year.  Candace Parks, Major’s mom, is stepping into the role of room parent for the 2019-2020 school year.  Welcome Candace!  

We are also saying good-bye and sending happy wishes to Christina and her family as they start a new adventure together in the Netherlands sometime this summer.  We will miss you Christina and family!! 

Finally, thank you all for sharing your children with me this past year!  Each child brings a special and unique energy to our group and each is treasured dearly!

Have a safe and wonder-filled summer!  

See you all next year!



Mountaingarten: May 13 - 16

Final Greetings of the school year dear Mountaingarten families! 

We look back and can't believe how fast this school year has gone by! It has been a true joy spending time and exploring the world with each of your children! Thank you for this wonderful, nurturing gift. Looking back at the school year, we had a lot of changes and it was chaotic at times, but ultimately we are so happy with how our year developed and how our children have grown! 

The last week of school was filled with joyous events. We were able to celebrate two birthdays with Meadowgarten, it was a real timely treat! On Thursday, the children had a blast at field day. We thank the teachers who helped organize this event! There was a good sense of teamwork and comradery as each team rooted for their teammates! The highlight of the event was definitely the hamster ball, it was funny to see each of the children's reactions as they got to spend time in that big bubble! 

We had a lot of laughs in the forest as Ki Holly shared a story called "The Book with No Pictures." If you're looking for a silly story that will bring about lots of laughter, this is the one! 

We wish you all a wonderful, safe, adventurous, and wholesome summer with friends and family. We look forward to seeing you back in August, and for those who are parting ways, we will miss your child's presence so much but wish him/her beautiful success in the future! Take care families! 

With Love & Gratitude,

Ki Fatima & Ki Aja

Meadowgarten: May 13 - 16

Dear Meadowgarten Families,

We cannot believe that the 2018-2019 school year has come to a close.  This past week was bittersweet for us as we smiled and laughed with the children one last time before summer vacation.  We feel so fortunate to have led the Meadowgarten this year and we are looking forward to another wonderful year next year.

We celebrated three birthdays in the Meadowgarten this past week; Christopher, Kennedy and Huck.  Thank you to each of their families for providing beautiful memories and sweet treats!

The children played in the creek throughout the week. They splashed, waded, searched for special crystals and collected snails.  Ki Kathee’s class joined us at the creek on Thursday for our final dip!

The children had a wonderful time on Wednesday at Field Day.  A huge thank you goes out to Ki Kathee for organizing the day! The teams were mixed ages and the older students were extremely supportive of their kindergarten teammates.  Everyone cheered for everyone, in true Garden School style.  The obstacle course through the forest and creek was special, as the goal was to help every teammate reach the finish line.  The favorite event was the Hamster Ball!  Ki Jas and Ki Christine (Lounes and Ezra’s mom!) operated the Hamster Ball at Home School Beach for several hours.  The children were giddy as they rolled around the creek like cute little hamsters! 

We had a very special story and snack this week.  Ki Holly read The Book With No Pictures, which forces the reader to say very silly and goofy things.  The children laughed and cheered and begged for more when it over.  Ki Holly generously baked three types of bread for our last snack on Thursday.  She made Vegan French Bread, Vegan and Gluten Free Banana Bread, and Vegan and Gluten Free/Rice Free Corn Bread.  She took care to meet the dietary needs of all of our students so that everyone could enjoy bread together.  The French bread was coined “Ki Holly’s Famous Bread” by our very own Annabelle. This is the bread that Ki Holly made for us each week and the recipe is included below!

We cannot thank you enough for entrusting your children to our care.  We are so proud of each and every child and we feel honored to have witnessed their growth through the seasons.  We are excited to be a part of many of the students’ continued growth journey this fall!  

 Thank you again for the thoughtful gifts and kind words we received as the year closed.  We could not ask for a more loving school family! 


Ki Amy and Ki Holly 

Ki Holly’s Famous Vegan French Bread


1 1/2 cups warm water (baby bath temp)

1 Tablespoon agave

1 1/2 teaspoons salt

1 Tablespoon active dry yeast

3 1/2-4 1/2 cups flour


Combine water, agave, salt & yeast and let sit 5-10 minutes until foamy on top. Knead in flour until no longer sticky and mold into a loaf by hand on greased baking sheet. Cover with a towel and let sit 20 minutes. Meanwhile, preheat oven to 400. Cut slits in top of loaf and bake 20 minutes.

Joyful Beginnings: May 13 - 16

The school year has ended. We just finished our last week of school. Looking back at the students, we see how they have grown over this year. We, Ki Ieva and Ki Whitney, have also grown over this year. We have learned how to relate to each of the students within the Waldorf environment. We are looking forward to the next year of growth for us and for students.

One final messenger for this year.

We started on Monday with our new tradition - eating porridge with Meadow garden students. We occupied a stage in the forest for our communal meal.
We worked in the garden. The week was dry. Our flowers and strawberries need watering. We used our watering cans. Students love watering.

In our last painting class, we used yellow and green colors. We listened to our late favorite story - Rainbow cat and sang about the rainbow too.

Tuesday Kayden’s brother had a birthday party. Our class was invited to join them for a snack. That was a nice surprise for us.
We had another invitation to join Meadow garden for some rice and edamame.

On Wednesday we had our own snack making. We made again our first baked good - corn tortillas.

As you can sense, last week has been about picnic and snacks.
This week we had guests - Kato’s younger twin sisters for two days to add extra fun. We finally had girl majority in our class:) They blended in nicely with the rest of the class.

Have a great summer!

Our School Turtle

Our school turtle turned out to be sweet and gregarious and a lot of fun! We'd like to thank the 16 families who helped to turtle sit on weekends and over the long school breaks. We hope you enjoyed him!

A BIG thank you to:

Max and Charlotte Oeschger

Amelia and Julia Hollister

Ollie and Lucas Rivera-Garwick

Helene and McKenna Maher

Nola and Mike Brown

Brolin Fields

Christopher Banz

Sofie Perri

Zoey Butterfield

Asher Smith

Major and Pipor Parks

Nico Erredia

Andi Skomorokhov

Carden and Collin Melton

Nina Kennington

Rory and Nolan Lang

This Friday, the turtle will go home a second time with one of our school families. He will now be officially called Shelton John and will make his forever home with Travis, Candace, Major, and Pipor Parks. We have stocked their house with a lifetime supply of turtle kibble and dried shrimp (his favorite) and hope he'll be back for a visit next year!

Here are a few cute turtle pics!

Ki Sonya

HomeSchool: May 6 - 10

Hi everybody!
First of all, let me say that my cup runneth over once again with your generosity and kindness. The basket full of gifts and cards, bread, eggs, and chocolate, and special notes is just beautiful! I have enjoyed my year with the HomeSchool so much. I told Ki Sarah it has been the cherry on top of my career sundae! Each of my HomeSchoolers is so precious to me and I hope to continue visiting with you all and watching you grow.
This past week we gave presentations to the class on our mammal take-home projects. Christopher told us about grey wolves. Ollie told us about jaguarudis and Brolin shared with us about margays. Cooper and Helene taught us about wild horses. Mike helped us understand giraffes. And Ki Sonya shared her research and stories about river otters. We studied the world map and globe to see the national parks where these animals can be found, and each of us shared a story about our mammal.
Students colored the covers of their masterbooks containing all their artwork and project work. We sang the Floating Down The River song and a new old song, Choo'n Gum, sung by Teresa Brewer in 1950. We celebrated Ollie's 8th birthday with gifts and song and a big card. Her parents made a fruit pizza and we ate it with sparkling limeade. We delivered a thank you gift basket to Ki Jasmine for serving as our wonderful school director this year.
We simulated a marine mammal rescue at HomeSchool Beach. Students came upon a whale. We called the Marine Mammal Stranding Network, talked to the whale in gentle voices to keep him calm, soaked beach towels in the creek and place them over his body to keep him cool and keep him from getting sunburned. We rubbed sunscreen and aloe vera around his eyes and blow hole to protect the most sensitive skin. We dug out the sand from under the whale's body so that there would not be so much pressure on his internal organs. Finally we played in the creek.
Next Tuesday, Elsu will tell us about sun bears, Bear will teach us about hippos, and Lucan will tell us all about deer. We will do the monthly water quality monitoring on Little Noonday Creek and do a creek cleanup. Wear swimsuits, shorts, and t-shirts to school. Bring water shoes, rubber boots, extra socks, and a change of clothes. Students will take home their masterbooks and portfolios this day.

Next Thursday, school will dismiss at 12:30pm. We will walk the entire length of the creek from Panda Mansion to Homerun Trail to Kindy Beach to the Beaver Marsh. Wear swimsuits, shorts, and t-shirts to school. Bring water shoes, rubber boots, extra socks, and a change of clothes.

We have a new date for our Hike with Prancer at Pettit Environmental Preserve. We'll meet on Saturday, July 13th, 10:00am to 1:00pm. Pettit is a 70-acre preserve in Bartow County (between Cartersville and Dallas). It is only open to the public one day a month. Use Douthit Bridge Road, Dallas GA when using GPS. It takes me 30 minutes from my home in northwest Kennesaw. I take Cobb Parkway to Acworth. Take a left from Cobb Parkway onto Blackacre Trail which become Dabbs Bridge Road. Turn right onto Harmony Grove Church Road. Turn right onto Cartersville Highway/Highway 61. Take an quick right onto Douthit Bridge Road. Then follow their small signs. It becomes a dirt and gravel road through dense woods. 

Text me when you get to Pettit Environmental Preserve to let me know you're there. Admission is $3.00/person with a maximum of $10.00/family. We will walk the 1 and 7/10-mile loop trail around Dellinger Lake. The trail is rough in some places and does not accommodate strollers. Leashed dogs are welcome. I'll text everyone by 8:00am that morning to cancel if there are thunderstorms.

Quote from a child: "If someone has a yard sale, then after is there house on just dry dirt?"

Quote from Shirley MacLaine: "Rare indeed is the child who has parents with love so wise, and understanding so objective, as to happily balance needed limits with the freedom to grow and develop the child's own talents, to allow realization of its full potential."

With great respect and gratitude to some of the best parents I've ever known,

Ki Sonya

Upper Grades: May 6 - 10

We completed our exploration of North American geography last week with a deeper look into the regions of the United States. Our emphasis over the past week was on hand drawn and colored maps to give students a personal and relational understanding of geography. Freehand map drawing not only helps a student understand spatial relationships, scale and nesting (cities within states within countries), but it also gives the student a sense of place knowledge to help them understand the features that have shaped the habitats and culture of an area. We also worked on written regional summaries that synthesized orally presented material into organized outlining and composition. In addition to our writing and drawing exercises, the students have learned regional folk songs, Native American legends and tall tales to provide a deeper sense of each geographic area. 

The students have been working on their state projects over the course of the block and will present their states to the class on Tuesday. We will finish out the school year in the upcoming week by completing master book pages, wrapping up our decimals work, and binding master books.  

Middle Grades: May 6 - 10

My heart is filled with gratitude for the wonderful gifts I received during Teacher Appreciation Week.  Thank you all.  The greatest gift you have given me this year is sharing your children with me.  I learn from them every day, and their smiles, their songs, their enthusiasm for life is so heartwarming and sustaining.  

Field Day is Wednesday from 10 to 12.  If you can come and volunteer, please do. We hope to have a very fun morning with an all school activity which will go much more smoothly if we have parent helpers!!

Lower Grades: May 6 - 10

Thank you all for your loving thoughts and prayers.  Each one has meant the world to me.  Thank you also for the sweet and thoughtful teacher appreciation gifts.  Each of your children is a special and important part of our class and community and it is my absolute pleasure to share their school days with them! ❤

 The Lower Grades kept busy during their last full week as first graders!  They finished up form drawing with Ki Aja and enjoyed time in the creek.  We are working to finished up for our Master Books that are about to be bound.  Our class was able to host a trial class for ASL on Friday and they loved that experience!

As the school year closes, each day is enjoyed more fully knowing it will be several weeks until we are together again.  This sends an interesting range of emotions and experiences through the class.  Being both excited and sad for this school year to come to a close can send some children’s emotions on the roller coaster.  If you find this happening with your child, please reassure them this is normal and that all will be well! 😊

 For our final week, we will spend lots of time IN the creek (weather permitting) and enjoying our favorite activities. Please send ample extra clothes.  Please also plan on coming to the shed to help collect your child’s belongings and check lost and found for a final time.  

Wednesday is Field Day and THURSDAY, our last day of school, IS A HALF DAY! 😊


Ki Melissa


Mountaingarten: May 6 - 10

This past week was an exciting one as we are starting to end our school year. The children were able to go inside of the chicken coop, and they rescued a chipmunk from the chicken coop as well. The children helped build a bamboo structure on the playground. 

In Mandarin the children counted to 100 and in Spanish the children started to form sentences by telling how old they were.

The children went to the kindy beach where they built sandcastles, swung off the rope, and played in the water. They even found a floating raspberry. The turtles were sunbathing and all the kids got to enjoy watching them as they jumped in and out of the water. 

The energy is high as we approach the end of the school year. We will continue to go to the creek until the last day of school, so please remember water shoes and extra clothes. Also, this Wednesday is our field day. Please ensure that your child has a water bottle and the proper attire. 

Thank you, 

Ki Aja and Ki Fatima 

Meadowgarten: May 6 - 10

Greetings Meadowgarten Families!

This past week was full of fun in the sun!  The children were so excited to play in the creek.  There they enjoyed the rope swing, wading from one side to the other, skipping stones, and building sandcastles.  Smiles and laughs were abundant! 

In light of the warmer weather, we skipped some of our warm snacks in favor of fresh fruits and veggies and popcorn. During snack, the students heard the story of The Little Red Hen. The hen lived on a beautiful farm with many wonderful friends.  The hen was a very industrious worker but when he appealed to his friends for help planting, watering and harvesting the wheat, they were always too busy to help. Once the wheat was milled into the flour, the hen set out to bake some delicious bread.  See if your Meadowgartener can finish the story for you! 

 We celebrated Van’s half birthday on Friday.  The children love hearing Ki Holly tell the birthday story.  Although familiar, it is exciting and new each time it is told for a different child.  The students enjoyed hearing memories of Van as a baby.  Thank you to Van’s family for the fruit, whipped cream and muffins!

Thank you! Thank You! Thank you! We are so very appreciative of all of the kind words and beautiful gifts we received throughout the week for Teacher Appreciation Week.  Each day in the Meadowgarten is a gift.  We are so thankful for the time we have been afforded with each and every child.  We feel so honored to be their teachers! 

We are already feeling nostalgic about this past year but we are geared up for one more week in the Meadowgarten.  Please remember sunscreen, bug spray, water shoes, and a change of clothes!  Also, a wet bag or grocery sack is very helpful for clothing soaked from creek play! 

Lastly, we will have Field Day on Wednesday starting first thing in the morning!  Please send your child in their bathing suit or other clothing that is comfortable to get wet in.  


Ki Amy and Ki Holly 

Joyful Beginnings: May 6 - 10

We are quickly approaching the end of the school year. This will be our last week of school.

Our garden patch yielded our first strawberries for kids to try. We also sneaked into the middle grades garden patch to get some snap peas and wild onions. Kids loved those as well. We later confessed that our little birdies have been snacking on their pods:)

This Wednesday instead of baking tortilla or fancy cookies, we made kale chips with a little salt and some garlic. All kids eat the chips. Nobody even complained that there were no cookies or tortillas.

This week we were talking about the rainbow in the class. Children listened to a poem about a rainbow cat who could turn into all colors of the rainbow. During the week we tried to explore all the colors of the rainbow. Students got to explore lots green: snap peas, kiwis for a snack, kale chips in the baking and all the green plants that surround us. Strawberries represented the red color with some little white specks here and there. Our muddy feet after night’s rain gave us some darker tones. Sun gave us yellow and skies provided us with blue.

Ki Ieva made some white clover wreaths for children to wear on their heads as a celebration of the spring.

Thanks to Linnea for coming to our class to make some group photos.

HomeSchool: April 29 - May 1

Happy Cinco de Mayo!
This past week we compiled the students' masterbooks containing all of their artwork and project work from the 2018-19 school year. A BIG thankyou to Ki Debbie, Ki Paulyna, and Ki Kate for pulling these together, as well as Elsu who did all the hole punching! Students will decorate the covers of their masterbooks and be ready to take them home next Tuesday. 
We installed the last of the signs around the school campus. There is a sign at each trailhead and one marking special places like the Pond Overlook and Privet Pocket. HomeSchool students, Grades students, and Golden Knights blazed the trails, named the trails, and painted, nailed, and pounded the signs to mark them!
We began our study of marine mammals by learning about whales, dolphins, porpoises, seals, sea lions, walruses, sea otters, manatees, and polar bears. We told stories about them and created marine mammal figurines out of clay. We practiced the Maypole Dance. We practiced telling time on a clock with hands. We planted marigolds in the spiral garden. We talked about our mammal take-home projects and how they were taking shape.
On Thursday, we went on an all-day field trip to TELLUS Science Museum and the Booth Western Art Museum in Cartersville. We ate a picnic lunch under the trees by the Booth Museum. You only have to look at the photos to see that a good time was had by all!
This Tuesday we will present our mammal take-home projects. Please plan to show us on a map or globe the national park where we can find your mammal. I'll have both of these in the Blue Sky Room. The Garden Girls Girl Scouts will meet Tuesday at 3:30pm at the school for Caving Basics. Wear jeans, a t-shirt, and old tennis shoes that can get wet and muddy. Please bring your signed Cumberland Caverns forms for the Caving and Camping Trip.
Thursday we will celebrate Ollie's 8th birthday. We will also practice a marine mammal rescue!

This Saturday, May 11th, 10:30am to 12:30pm, Prancer and I will go on a hike and you are welcome to join us. We'll be at Pettit Environmental Preserve. This is a 70-acre preserve in Bartow County (between Cartersville and Dallas). It is only open to the public one day a month. Use Douthit Bridge Road, Dallas GA when using GPS. It takes me 30 minutes from my home in northwest Kennesaw. I take Cobb Parkway to Acworth. Take a left from Cobb Parkway onto Blackacre Trail which become Dabbs Bridge Road. Turn right onto Harmony Grove Church Road. Turn right onto Cartersville Highway/Highway 61. Take an quick right onto Douthit Bridge Road. Then follow their small signs. It becomes a dirt and gravel road through dense woods. 

Text me when you get to Pettit Environmental Preserve. Admission is $3.00/person with a maximum of $10.00/family. We will walk the 1 and 7/10-mile loop trail around Dellinger Lake. The trail is rough in some places and does not accommodate strollers. Leashed dogs are welcome. I'll text everyone that morning to cancel if there are thunderstorms.

Registration for The Garden School's Summer Camp closes May 15th. I will be leading Summer Camp activities the second week, June 3rd thru 7th. Highlights include: Creek Crawls, Wetland Walks, tending the raised beds in the garden, watermelon, building a bridge across the creek, The Water Brigade relay game, frozen banana snack, lessons on the Floating Classroom, more watermelon, and the Great Rubber Duck Race.

Quote from a child: "So much sand, so little time."

Quote from Jean Piaget: "When you teach a child something, you take away forever his chance of discovering it for himself."

See you down the trail,

Ki Sonya

Upper Grades: April 29 - May 1

The Upper Grades class continued our study of North American geography. We took a closer look at the southeast region digging into the landforms, flora, fauna, and natural resources that have been utilized through time by the early humans, Native Americans, and European settlers. We looked into some of the social, economic, and environmental impacts of coal mining and cotton production in the region as well as the innovation, invention, and shift from laboring by hand to machine. To go along with each region we study, we are adding regional folk songs and tall tales that complement these themes. Our southeast regional study was also our launching point for an ongoing look at the Underground Railroad with stories of heroism and resistance that will carry forth as we look at the other regions of the United States more in depth over the next two weeks. 

Middle Grades: April 29 - May 1

Tomorrow is our field trip!!  Thanks to Teresa Kros for driving and chaperoning. Each child will need a water bottle, a snack, a lunch, sunscreen, bug spray, and a change of clothes. We will be gone all day. In the morning there will be a workshop on Pioneer Skills, and in the afternoon we will be attending a workshop on Survival Skills, including the building of a shelter. Our programming ends at 2:30, so I anticipate that we will be back to the school NLT 3:30.  If there is a reason we will be late, I’ll post it on Bloomz. If there is anything we need to know about dietary/activity restrictions, please send me an email or text as soon as you read this. The rest of the week will be spent in finishing all of our projects and class work, and working to assemble our main lesson books. 

Have a great week!!!!

Lower Grades: April 29 - May 1

The Lower Grades had a busy week.  They spent time creating subject pages for their mater books.  The books will come home with them at the end of this school year.  The children also moved and drew spirals for the last Form Drawing block with Ki Aja.  The Grand Friends Tea was a big part of the week as well.   I hope you all enjoyed the event as much as the children did!  Ki Aja will continue teaching the Form Drawing block for our Lower Grades class through next Wednesday.


 Ki Melissa

Mountaingarten: April 29-May 1

Dear Mountaingarten families,

Last week was a very eventful one! Thank you to all who helped prepare for our Grandfriends day and thank you to everyone who was able to show up- the turn out was so wonderful. We were very proud of our kindergarten and Golden Knights! Everyone did so well. 

Our children enjoyed preparing the treats for all our visitors too. They helped wash and shred the lettuce, chop the strawberries, and roll the cheese into little balls.

We also celebrated our dear Charlotte’s fifth birthday! Thank you Ki Amy for the delicious treats. 

We’ve been spending a lot more time at Kindy beach as well, it is so refreshing during these hot days! We also got to see the chicks in their new home in the garden. They seem very happy in their new coop! 

In the forest, we enjoyed a delicious watermelon and afterwards Levi’s mom Priscilla took everyone’s photos. Thank you Priscilla! 

We’ve had the wonderful and helpful company of Ki Kate in Mountaingarten as Ki Aja has been substituting for lower grades. We really appreciate all her help and good energy! 

We expect to be at kindy beach a lot this week so please ensure the children come to school with swimsuits and a change of clothes! Also, water shoes. 

Thank you all and may all be well.


Ki Fatima