Upper Grades: October 14 - 18

We wrapped up Week 3 of our Rome block with an ongoing look at the era of the Roman Republic. Our trip to see "Julius Caesar" at The Shakespeare Tavern was met with mixed reviews from the students. I'm excited that they had the opportunity to see professional actors perform Shakespeare even though the Elizabethan dialect is still challenging for their age group. They were able to catch several references to people and stories we had studied and gain a feel for the currents that ended the Republic and set the stage for the Empire. We also switched over to take a look at what was developing in Greece and Persia contemporary to the newly formed Republic. We talked about the Greek philosophers, the Peloponnesian and Greco Persian Wars, and the emergence of Alexander the Great. This will set the stage for our study of the Roman Empire and the influences these events had on Rome's spirit of conquest.

Next week we will begin our Business Math block. We will have a booth at the Kingdom of Halloween festival on Saturday, so please have your student attend if possible, so they can all take part in running their business. You are welcome to drop-off and pick-up later in the evening if needed. We will also go on a couple of Economics related field trips later in the school year that will support the material we will study in this block. We will tour the Federal Reserve Bank and participate in the Junior Achievement BizTown.

Middle Grades: October 14 - 18

It was great to see everyone at the parent conferences. I look forward to having a family gathering sometime in November.

We have begun the new Math Block. It's all about counting and making math fun, so we played with regular playing cards today.

Try this game at home: Take out the face cards; leave the aces - they count as one. Lay eight card face down on a table. Turn them over and add them up as fast as you can. It helps if you add up the tens and then add the other cards. Today we had two teams. Time and accuracy are important.

Do you have your Kingdom of Halloween tickets??? It's going to be amazing, thanks to the efforts of Sarah Darby and friends. Thank you, Sarah, for all of your efforts.

Asher Benson turned 9 yesterday. We will be celebrating tomorrow. If your child has allergies, you might want to send an extra snack, just in case there is flour and/or pineapple.

The book reports on Friday were well done!!! The next book report is due on November 1 - that may not be a good day to have them due. 1st Friday after Halloween??? Let's make them due on Monday, November 4 instead. There are no spelling words for this week yet, so we will skip a test. I will give them the words tomorrow and the next test will be next Tuesday, Oct. 29.

Have a great week and enjoy this beautiful weather!!

Second Grade: October 14 - 18

It was wonderful to meet with you all at parent conferences.  Sharing stories and gaining insights from the ones that know “my” students best, is always helpful and often entertaining!  We have such a wonderful group of children and parents alike.  I am grateful to be a part of your lives during this special time!

During our week of half-days, we continued working in our math block, finishing up a unit on geometric forms.  Drawing circles, spacing out gems, marking these spaces, and then adding lines as we skip count around the circle gives the children concepts about numbers and their values in a unique and creative way.  They enjoyed the process as well as the final, colorful designs.  This week we also used our bodies to link the number five to our circles (four limbs and head), used string to build these designs three-dimensionally as a class in circle, and also took a quick look at prime numbers along the way.  Next week, we will finish up our circles and move into place value as well as a sewing project with felt squirrels. 

Please send in slippers (rubber soles) and warm clothes to start our mornings in the dome.  Label everything as the shedding of layers tends to add layers to our lost and found pile.  We visit Lost and Found periodically as a class, and labels help make reuniting items much easier.

With gratitude,

Ki Melissa

First Grade: October 14 - 18

Hello First Grade Families! 

I lift my arms to the clear blue sky,

I stretch them wide and I stretch them high.

Firmly on the earth I stand,

To my neighbor I give my hand.

What’s New in First Grade

  • Current Block 

We are currently finishing up our numbers block. This has been a new and exciting block where the children have been able to add, subtract and learn the value of each numeral. We will be finishing this block on Wednesday, and our new Language Arts block will begin on Thursday. 

  • Letters:

We are continuing to do language arts activities during our language arts block. This helps the children with remembering the sounds we learned in our past block and also to form them into words. We have been able to play different games. A lot of the children enjoyed playing a game where they had to come up with funny words that rhyme with real words.

  • Math:

During this block, the numbers 1 through 9 have been introduced. We have practiced writing out the number, the roman numeral, as well as the word. After we practiced those, we worked on different number combinations for math families.

  • Story:

The children have been able to listen to the story of four children who want to become superheroes. Our class has put together a list of twelve goals that need to be completed in order to become the heroes they see flying in the sky on a daily basis. 

Dates to remember:

October 26 is the Kingdom of Halloween. If you have not signed up for anything please check the sign up to see which volunteer slots that need to be filled or email Sarah Darby at festivals@thegardenmarietta.org


As a reminder please  make sure that your child has the attire they need for the cooler and rainy weather. 

Please ensure that your child brings their water bottle to school with them. 

Thank you,

Ki Aja 

Kindergarten: October 14 - 18

Greetings Forestgarten Families!

Our half days this past week were full of fall fun, birthday celebrations and wonderful conversations with parents.  We appreciate each one of you for taking the time to speak with us during conferences.  We hope that we were able to impart more insight into our days and the different areas where your child thrives and strives in Forest Kindergarten.  We are so thankful for each child in our class and we value conferences as a time to get to know each family a bit better :)

We celebrated three birthdays this week!  Ella turned 4 and shared delicious pumpkin muffins with our class.  Thank you, Ella! Pipor turned 6 and shared scrumptious apple sauce and apple cider with us.  Thank you, Pipor! And last but certainly not least, Violet turned 5 and shared yummy blueberry muffins with us.  Thank you, Violet!  Happy Birthday to one and all! Below are the words to our Waldorf Birthday song, which differs a bit from the traditional “Happy Birthday” that most are used to.  

Happy Birthday Dear Ella and Pipor and Violet

Happy Birthday to you!

We come singing, wishes bringing

Tra la la la la

Happy Birthday Dear Ella and Pipor and Violet

May your wishes come true! 

The students are feeling comfortable with our fall circle by now.  Below are the words to our Apple Song:

My nice red, rosy apple

Has a secret, hid, unseen

You’d see if you could look inside

Five rooms so neat and clean

In each room there are living

Two pips so black and bright

Asleep they are a’dreaming

Of lovely, warm sunlight

Ask your child how to cut the apple in order to see this charming scene! 

Our story this week was also about apples.  Three children climbed into an orchard and picked an apple.  One child decided to eat the apple and throw away the core.  A second child decided the apple was much to pretty to eat so she placed it in a drawer, only to find that in a short time it rotted and could not be kept much longer. A third child decided to eat the apple but save the seeds.  What did he do with the seeds?  Ask your forestgartener to fill in the rest! 

Important Reminder:  The mornings have been quite cold and the forest temperature is even a bit colder.  Please send your child with a warm coat, a hat, and gloves from now on.  Also, layers are important!  They can always shed layers as the temperature warms up so more is better!  If you need any ideas or help choosing weather appropriate clothing, please reach out to us.  We know it can be hard to figure out what works best as the seasons change.


Ki Fatima

Ki Holly

Ki Amy 

Joyful Beginnings: October 14 - 18

This week our theme was spiders. Every morning, Ki Ieva told the children the story of a young spider who made its first spider web. It was amazing to see how much of the story the children remembered when we talked about it during lunch snack.  

On Monday, Ms. Julienne came to us and shared the song of the Itsy Bitsy Spider with us. We also made spiders out of clay. On Friday, we drew a spider web with crayons and painted it yellow with watercolor.  

On Monday, we also spent a lot of time in our garden patch. In the garden, everybody was busy digging holes for spring bulbs, feeding the animals, playing with trucks in the mud, and climbing on the dome. We looked for spiders in the forest and watched the forest change color in front of our eyes. Please do not forget to send your children with warmer clothing. It is pretty chilly in the mornings. 

We were lucky that we were able to harvest some chicken eggs! Many of the students were able to take an egg from the coop home.

On Wednesday, we had a baking day. We baked vegan, gluten-free, less sugar oatmeal cookies. Each kid has their own bowl to mix the ingredients. Then they rolled the dough to put on the baking platter. Everyone had a tasty reward for all this work.

Specialty Class: SPANISH


Kindergarten has enjoyed songs like “Bartolito el Gallito”, “Sol Solecito” and “Los Colores”. We have learned about the seasons, particularly Autumn. We learned a song about the leaves and the different motions leaves make when the wind moves them. We have counted up to 20, sang about the colors, played matching games, learned about the different sounds animals make, and directions.

In First grade, we have learned a wonderful little poem called “Abro mis Manos” which we recite at the open of class every day to prepare our senses and our minds for Spanish. We sang “Sol Solecito” and learned about the different seasons and played games where we signal with the magic wand what season we are talking about. We have played a game called “Mama Maria” which helps with learning directions and counting (we can count up to 30!).

In Second grade, we open our class with “Abro mis Manos” and we go over our poems from last year such as “La Arrilla” and “los Colores”. We are learning about the seasons and have played leaf collecting games with the different colors. We have talked about what months our birthdays are in, what our favorite season is, and why. We have listened to stories like “La Lombriz” and sang songs. We have been working on "Mi Familia" this week, learning about the different members in our families. The kids drew beautiful pictures of their families and presented them to our class.

Middle grades opens class with "Abro Mis Manos" and recites poems such as "Todas Las Piedras", "La Ardilla" followed by different seasonal songs. We have been working on writing words in spanish, learning about members of the family, drawing portraits of our families and presenting them to the class. They really enjoyed playing Mi Familia charades! We talked about Dia de los Muertos and how it is celebrated in Mexico. We will hopefully be working on making marigolds and sugar skulls next week.

Upper Grades has been hard at work memorizing and reciting a couple of poems. "Los Meses del Año" carried over from last year, and this year we have focused on "El Niño Americano" which takes us through the different countries of Latin America and what makes them special. We have been learning about the seasons, months of the year, days of the year, members of the family. We have learned about Dia de los Muertos, where it originated, and what and how people celebrate it. We have also worked on vocabulary pertaining to this holiday. We are planning on building an ofrenda (altar) in the sanctuary and talking about the different components of the altar and why they are important. I have asked all Upper Graders to bring in a picture of someone they would like to honor (can be family member or a person from history). We will be making marigolds and sugar skulls next week as well and learning the importance of each one of these items.

Specialty Class: MANDARIN

I am thrilled to be able to bring Mandarin to The Garden School! Here is what we are doing in

each of the classes:

Kindergarten & 1st Grade:

While reviewing the colors, numbers and animals that we learned last year, we are also

beginning to learn new vocabulary for family members and fruits. The first verb we have learned

is “like”. Now, we can say we like our family members and in addition to what we have learned

before, we even can say which part of a face we like! We have also learned the new song: Find A

Friend. I also bring some short stories and games now and then, such as “hide and seek”.

Beside everything the kindergarten has learned, we have played some games like finding colors,

finding friends. On Thursday, we have learned how to do the origami fortune teller and use a

napkin to fold a hat. Please do ask them to set up a napkin next time when you have gusts come.

2nd grade:

Building on everything the 1st grade has learned, we did a very good job on the origami and

napkin folding. We also enjoyed the games with great spirits. The “train game”, “name game”

and “finding a friend game” are all our favorites. We have also learned how to write the Chinese

characters from one to ten. Now we are working hard on memorizing them!

Middle class:

Building on everything the 2nd grade has learned, we’ve learned to speak longer sentences with

verbs: are(is, was), have(has) and like. We enjoyed playing a math game in Mandarin. We

already memorized how to write Chinese characters from one to ten.( Of course, we will come

back for it.) We are learning the first set of twelve basic Chinese characters: water, fire, dirt, sun,

moon, field, mountain, inside, wood, people, big, sky.

Upper class:

This is my master class. Building on everything the middle class has learned, we have been

practicing how to say the sentences with the basic verbs: are, have, like . We have mastered one

ancient poem, the math game in Mandarin (of course, we will practice more later) as well as the

first set of basic Chinese characters. We used the twelve characters to draw a picture and present

it during class. We played cards game to memorize those characters. We are learning the second

set of vocabulary… Hooray! We also get homework for Chinese handwriting.

Upper Grades: October 7 - 11

Last week we continued our study of Ancient Rome. We learned about how the small village Romulus laid out with an ox and plough grew into a bustling city that was beginning to take over the Italian peninsula. We learned about each of the seven kings of Rome and how the monarchy was replaced by the Republic by the end of the 6th century BCE. We looked at the social and political implications of the Republic and the conflicts between the patrician and plebeian social orders. This week we'll study the Republic in depth and close out our first Rome block with the end of the Republic. We'll come back to Rome again in a few weeks with the study of the Empire. We are working to memorize Mark Antony's "Friends, Romans, Countrymen" speech from "Julius Caesar" with the goal of performing it at our next first Friday assembly in November. The students might be interested in seeing the performances of Marlon Brando and Charlton Heston playing Mark Antony. You can find clips on YouTube of their speeches. Damian Lewis also gives a moving performance of the piece: https://youtu.be/q89MLuLSJgk

Reminder that our field trip to see "Julius Caesar" at The Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse is this Wednesday, Oct. 16. We will leave from The Garden School promptly at 8:30 am. Please ensure that your student arrives on time or have an alternate plan to drive them directly to the theater. My best estimate for returning to school is 1:00-1:30 pm which is after the scheduled 12:30 pm dismissal time. I will keep you updated via text message when we have a more solid ETA.

Here is the link to sign up for a conference slot: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/805084AABA82FA13-upper Please let me know if you need to arrange an alternate meeting time.

Middle Grades: October 7 - 11

Hello Middle Grades Parents!

I am looking forward to seeing each of you this week at the Parent Conferences.

Please remind your child that they have a book report due Thursday, in which they should use a different format than used for the first two reports. I believe all have chosen a fourth book, and I really prefer that the reading list is used if your child chooses a book from home.

This is the final week of our block on Georgia. We are working hard to finish!!!

Next week we will begin Math Block 2. Two very big things happen in this block - a continuation of fractions and discovering the steps of long division. Any fortification of these at home would be great!

Have a great week! Enjoy the Fall-ish weather.

Second Grade: October 7 - 11

The second grade is happily settling back into their desks in the dome as the cooler weather is finally here! Please send appropriate clothing for our cool mornings as needed. If your child does not yet have rubber-soled slippers, please send in a labeled pair. It makes transitioning from the wet grassy outdoors into the dome easier and cleaner, and slippers help keep their feet warm. Thank you!

We began our first math block this week. We spent time working with creating geometric forms and working with number families. Using circles, gems, and lines we are drawing forms on paper and then coloring them. We will continue working with geometric forms in the coming week and then move into learning more about place value for the rest of the block.

I look forward to meeting with each of you this week to share all about your children have been doing and learning. Please remember we have half-day dismissal all week. The grades children will not have lunch at school, but please still send in a snack. We are offering aftercare as usual starting at 12:30.

With gratitude,


First Grade: October 7 - 11

Hello First Grade Families!

I lift my arms to the clear blue sky,

I stretch them wide and I stretch them high.

Firmly on the earth I stand,

To my neighbor I give my hand.

“What’s New in First Grade”

• We are currently in our math block.

Letters: While our language arts blog has ended, we are continuing to do language arts during the day when we have extra main lesson. We will have activities such as rhyming words and putting letters together. This is not a part of our main lesson.

Math: With the numbers one through five, we are learning how to write the numeral, the Roman numeral, and also how to write the word. We have also been learning some subtraction and addition as they find ways to make a number through adding and subtracting different numbers.

Story: Our story for this block is a tale about four friends who want to become superheroes like the superheroes they see on a daily basis in their City. These Superheroes illustrate different ways of helping others, nature, and how to work together as a team.

More: We have a new student beginning this week. We are all very excited to have him in our class and along for our journey together.


Last week we celebrated Zoey’s birthday and she brought in some delicious vegan chocolate chip muffins.


All this week are half days and our parent-teacher conferences begin on Wednesday and end on Friday.

Thank you,

Ki Aja

Kindergarten: October 7 - 11

Greetings Forestgarten Families!

It finally feels like fall! The forest is full of beautiful colors as the leaves are changing and

dropping to the ground. The mornings are actually a bit chilly and it is always cooler in the

forest, so please remember to begin sending a jacket or sweater daily.

The children are really enjoying our new fall circle. Below are the words to our farmer song and

dandelion verse in case you’d like to learn them along with your child.

The Farmer (song)

A farmer arose at the break of day

He got on his horse and he galloped away

He galloped away, he galloped away

He got on his horse and he galloped away

Oh come all my friends, oh come said he

Our carrots and turnips for to see

In the warm brown earth they have grown so big

So with our spades we must dig and dig

So fetch your spades and come along

To dig up the roots with your arms so strong

We’ll lay them out in the sun to dry

And then on the cart pile them up so high

A farmer arose at the break of day

He got on his horse and he galloped away

Oh Dandelion (Verse)

Oh dandelion yellow as gold

What do you do all day?

I sit here in the tall green grass til the children come to play

Oh dandelion yellow as gold, what do you do all night?

I wait and wait til the cool dew falls and my hair turns long and white

And what do you do when your hair turns white and the children come to play?

They scoop me up in their little hands and blow my hair away!

Our story this week was about a little girl named Lily and her grandmother who went on a long

journey to pick a pumpkin for their pumpkin stew. In order to reach the pumpkin fields, they

had to pass through the fiery forest, a ten-mile cornfield and a scarecrow crow field. When

they finally arrived to the pumpkin patch they were sad to see that there were no pumpkins in

the field. Feeling quite disappointed, they made the difficult trek home and when they arrived

at the cottage, grandmother’s garden gnome heard them talking about their unfortunate

journey. He wanted to help so he collected a large ball of beautiful leaves and made the same

difficult journey, but instead of arriving at the pumpkin patch, he visited with a kind witch and

he asked her to help him create a pumpkin for the little girl and her grandmother so that they

could make their favorite pumpkin stew. The witch was obliged to help and she took the leaves

to her cauldron and worked on a pumpkin spell. Did it work? Ask your child to help finish this

magical story, an original tale written by our very own Ki Fatima!

We had a wonderful work session this week with hammers and nails. Students hammered nails

into stumps and into the ground. Nailing into the ground was especially fun, as the children

were then able to practice taking the nails out of the ground with the other side of the


On Friday, we took a break from grating cinnamon to grate soap for hand washing in the forest.

The children love the smell of the fresh soap and watching the bars disappear into tiny shreds!

It is fun and satisfying activity that can be done at home as well if you wish.

We look forward to seeing all of you next week during conferences. Please reach out to us if

you have any questions or concerns regarding your scheduled time.


Ki Fatima

Ki Holly

Ki Amy

Joyful Beginnings: October 7 - 11

This week was pumpkin week! As with our other themed weeks, we recited a poem about a pumpkin, sang a song about pumpkins, and drew pictures of pumpkins. We also listened to the story about a pumpkin in our regular outside storytime place in the woods.

This week, Suwanee joined our Joyful beginnings class on Wednesday - we are excited to have another girl join our class!

Wednesday we tried wet felting with the students. We used warm soapy water to wet the felt. The students rolled the felt in their hands to make cute little pumpkins.

On Friday, we used yellow and red watercolors and watched as orange emerged. We also used our music sticks to play some tunes. 

This week we are having a parent-teacher conference after the classes. If you have not signed up, please, go to sign-up here: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/70a054aa9a72fa1fd0-joyful1

Upper Grades: September 30 - October 4

Last week, we began our much-anticipated Ancient Rome block. The study of Rome is an opportunity to take the lens of history and apply it to a multi-disciplinary investigation where we will incorporate geography, critical thinking skills, mathematics, science, and literature. In the week prior to fall break, the students learned about the Trojan hero Aeneas and his epic journey to the Italian shore. This week, we studied the legends of Romulus and Remus and how the Sabine and Etruscan peoples were instrumental in the early history of Rome. We took a deeper look into how these two foundation myths blend fact and fiction to portray Roman values and ideals around duty, fate, gender, destiny, and the gods. We also learned about literary significance of "The Aeneid" and how it fits into the pantheon of ancient epic poetry. The students did not put the effort I had hoped for into their memory work of "The Aeneid" excerpt in Latin but were still able to pull off a convincing performance at our First Friday Assembly.

We will be taking a field trip to see a performance of "Julius Caesar" at The Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse next Wednesday, Oct. 16. We will leave from The Garden School promptly at 8:30 am. Please ensure that your student arrives on time or have an alternate plan to drive them directly to the theater. My best estimate for returning to school is 1:00-1:30 pm which is after the scheduled 12:30 pm dismissal time. I will keep you updated via text message when we have a more solid ETA.

As I mentioned in my previous email, our parent night scheduling didn't work out for most of the parents in the class and was canceled. I will share the information I had planned for that night during conferences next week. We are also planning another parent night in the spring semester. Here is the link to sign up for a conference slot: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/805084AABA82FA13-upper I have flexibility for conferences before school starts if that works better for anyone.

Mandarin Opportunity:
Ki Cerina asked me to share information with Upper Grades families about an opportunity for students to work on their Mandarin speaking skills at home: "I am excited to introduce you to the Chinese Exercise Online Course which is the program that I am teaming up with the international Chinese teaching program at Qingdao University in China. My purpose is to give our students more opportunity to practice Chinese. Since learning Chinese involves two ways learning. One is listening and speaking, the other is reading and writing. Both ways have to go hand in hand. I work with the master students in the international Chinese teaching program to build up a course for our students to help them to practice listening and speaking skills. I understand that our school is no TV and Tech school, so that I only promote this course to middle and upper class students who interested in learn more Chinese. Since this program involves different people, time and online app, I have to charge $5 per class to cover the basic cost, please understand. The class is 30 min to 1 hour long, students can choose what they feel comfortable. The content is about story and culture which is related to the context in class."

Reminder of The Garden School Media Policy from the student handbook:
"The Garden School is a community of families who choose to engage with media and screen time in a conscious and limited way. Screen time (movies, TV, video or computer games, or anything using a computer or smart phone) is not allowed during the school week except for students 5th grade and over who are completing foreign language or other homework. On weekends and school breaks, please try to limit your screen time to no more than 2 hours per week for students in grades 1-4, or one hour per day for students in 5th-8th grade. Conversations related to media consumption are not allowed at school."

Middle Grades: September 30 - October 4

I hope that everyone has recovered from the field trip. I was so proud of all of the students with their eagerness to learn, their courage to hold snakes, pet alligators, and walk six miles! If you haven't gotten a recap of their trip, please ask for one. Everyone seems to have had a good time.

The staff at Driftwood were knowledgeable and creative in the way they taught the students. Hats off to Justin Dewillers and Priscila Benson for being great chaperones!

This week we will be continuing our exploration of Georgia, which will include our Famous Georgia reports. Reminder - those are due tomorrow! Because of our field trip, Fall Break, and the Famous Georgia reports being due tomorrow, I have adjusted the due date for our next book report. The next book report will be due on Thursday, October 17.

From here on out the book reports will be due on Thursdays, and will hopefully be due every other Thursday. If your child wants to do a book report on a book they have at home, please first check to see if the book is on the list I provided. If not, I'd like to have a heads up on what your child is reading for the report so that I can read it first. I want to make sure that the book report will encourage other students to read the book, and I need to make sure that the reading levels are within our range. This is only for book reports.... other reading is free range!!

Have a wonderful week. If you haven't signed up to volunteer at Kingdom of Halloween, please be sure you do that. Several of you still need to sign up for a conference. If you did not get the Sign Up Genius info, please email me privately and I will send it again.

Second Grade: September 30 - October 4

The second grade class finished up their first Saints block learning about St. Clare and St. Francis. They wrote and drew about these saints and the selfless lives they led. During this language block, we practice various reading/spelling words, reviewed various letter formation and worked on sentence structure.

The students worked in their math journals on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning. During this time, we focused on numeral formation and fact families. The children have been copying fact families from the board and many of them are now able to create their own from the three given numbers. On Tuesday and Thursday, they wrote in their journals about fall break and their siblings. The children are working on hearing and writing those sounds to spell words. Both journals have been wonderful experiences thus far.

Next week we will start our math block. This involves less writing typically, and many more games!

Thank you for signing up for conferences. If you haven’t yet, please check your email for a link. Thank you also for those parents who were able to attend our class night! We will hold another in the spring to focus on the coming awakening for many of your children as they leave the dreamy land of early childhood.

The cooler temperatures will (hopefully) start next week! Please send sweaters and rubber-bottomed slippers! The dome is cool in the early morning! Label everything!!

With gratitude,


First Grade: September 30 - October 4

Hello First Grade Families! 

I lift my arms to the clear blue sky,

I stretch them wide and I stretch them high.

Firmly on the earth I stand,

To my neighbor I give my hand.

Last week we finished our second block (our language arts block) and now we will be moving on to a math block. The letters that we have gone over thus far are C,O,A,D,W,T,M,S. Last week, we listened to two more stories and added three more letters to finish up our block.  The first was The Marriage of Mrs. Fox and the second was Little Red Cap. These stories brought us the letters F, L and R. 

In our math block this week, I will be introducing the students to children who live in this fascinating world of superheroes. The superheroes will help the students with navigating through the numbers 1-12 with the adventures that will come about.


Ki Aja

Kindergarten: September 30 - October 4

Greetings Forestgarten Families,

Our first week back from Fall Break flew by!  We were so happy to see all of the children and they were happy to be back together as well.  Although Fall temperatures are continuing to evade us, we are still embracing the spirit of seasonal change as the leaves are changing colors and crunching beneath our feet.  We started the week with a brand new morning circle with themes of autumn, including fall harvest and red apples.  Hopefully your child is bringing some of the new songs home with them.

Our story this week was called “The Enormous Turnip.”  A farmer plants a huge field of turnips, as they are his very favorite.  He takes good care of the field all summer long and eagerly awaits the fall harvest.  When the time comes, to his dismay, there is but one turnip green spouting from the ground.  He is sad but he decides to enjoy the solitary turnip. When he goes to pull it from the earth, he finds that it simply will not budge.  He calls on his wife and animal friends to help him pull the turnip from the ground.  With the help of his wife, their beautiful horse, their gentle spotted cow and their sweet kitty cat, the turnip is finally set free.  How does this tale end?  Ask your Forestgartener to fill in the rest! 

Students are continuing to work on their finger knitting skills.  A few have mastered finger knitting with two fingers and have moved on to using all four fingers. Some are still working toward understanding the concept and we will continue to practice each Monday.  On Tuesday, we made pinecone bird feeders with our leftover trail mix snack.  It was a tasty treat for our birdy friends, as many were picked clean the following day.  The students learned about Golden Rod in Botany on Wednesday.  Ki Holly picked a sample to show the children and they were very excited at the end of the day when they saw it growing wild next to the entrance to the forest.  Watercolor painting continues to be a favorite activity and this week the children were able to experience a pallet of three colors. 

The warm afternoons have kept us inside a bit longer, where the children have enjoyed free play in the classroom.  Realizing that our crayons needed some cleaning, we spent a bit of time one afternoon polishing them with oil dipped cloths.  Drumming was a popular activity this week and we were impressed to see that a group of students created a variety of drums with materials from our classroom.  They were even mindful to use items that would not make too much noise in the indoor space. Dressing up with silks, building with blocks, and pretending to be animals were also favorite activities this week.  We enjoyed using the classroom to it’s full potential!

Thank you very much to those who attended our Parent Night on Wednesday.  It was so nice to chat with all of you and take you through a typical day in the life of a Forestgartner.  We hope that you enjoyed it as well and we look forward to planning another parent night closer to the spring time. 


Ki Fatima

Ki Holly

Ki Amy