Grades Nov 6 - Nov 10

Hi Garden Families,

Thank you all so much for sharing our fun and lovely festival, Martinmas, with us this past week!  It was so wonderful to have us all come together for the evening!  The help and support you all gave, as well as the delicious food, made it truly enjoyable for all!  Our next festival will be our Advent Spiral on December 14th.  We hope to see you all there too!

This past week we learned about the tipi’s of the Plains people, igloos of the Inuit people and log cabins built by early settlers.  Next week we will explore shelters built in other regions of our world.  The children have been hard at work on our Grades shelter in the forest as well.  Shelter models and the reports about the shelters are due by next Friday. 

The children also completed their lantern making (and they turned out beautifully!), practiced songs, flute and drums for Martinmas, continued working on making wooden balls from cubes, made more pickles in the kitchen (as well as enjoying eating those they made previously), continued both reviewing and learning new Spanish words and phrases, and had fun drawing the animals well as building a climbing platform for the animals on our learning farm.  We are also beginning to make small group visits Thursday mornings with the Kindergarten to work and play with our younger friends, a benefit for all ages! 😊


Ms. Melissa and Ms. Kathee