Grades Nov 13 - 17

Hi Garden Families,

We had a busy week at school!  The children enjoyed taking care of the animals in the garden, prepping food in the kitchen, pumpkin bowling in Games class, playing games in Spanish, and helping to complete the shelter the Grades class built together in the forest!  

Our Shelter block came to a close Friday.  The children all worked hard building the shelter in the woods using natural materials.  Ms. Kathee led us in a house blessing on Friday and we enjoyed corn roasted in the fire the students helped build and tend, as well as brownies.  The children also brought in the shelters they built at home and shared what they learned with their classmates.  It was wonderful and we thank you all for your time and hard work!  Ms. Jas is checking to see if we can display the shelters somewhere in our community (a local library?) before we return them to your child. 

Following break, we will begin our final block of this semester sharing “Stories of Light” as we hear stories from a variety of cultures of how and why they celebrate this time of the year.  There will be a lot of crafting during this block too!  We will be preparing for our Advent Spiral that is being held during the school day on December 14th (you are all invited to join us!).  The Lower Grades will also spend time focusing on the four processes in math and the Upper Grades on fractions as well.   

We hope you all have a safe and happy time together celebrating with family this week!  Happy Thanksgiving!


Ms. Melissa and Ms. Kathee