Grades Oct 30 - Nov 3

Hi Garden Families,

It was a busy Halloween week at school!  The children began their Shelter’s block and are beginning their own shelter building in the forest with Mr. Lee and Ms. Kathee.  During this block, we will look all be learning about several types of shelters from around the world.  We are also each asked to create a model of a shelter at home and to write a short report about their shelter to share the last day of class before Thanksgiving break.  All are welcomed to participate!  We also began wood working this week with Mr. Lee; the children are focusing on using rasps and vices to form wooden cubes into balls.  Thank you to the parents who donated hammers and goggles from our wish list! 

Martinmas is just around the corner (November 9) and the children have been practicing a flute song with Ms. Kathee and we will be learning a few more songs this week and next as well.  Ms. Nina taught us correct place setting skills, Mr. Lee helped us to make tinder bundles for our morning fires at the playground, and we learned and celebrated the Day of the Dead with Don Andreas. 


Ms. Melissa and Ms. Kathee