Semester 2, Week 4

Happy Valentine's, 

We had a fun and busy week at school.

We continued hearing stories of Saints and Hero's while we added summaries to each picture highlighting various aspects of the stories.  Our stories varied from "Francis and Clare" to "Hiawatha, Bringer of Peace".  Summaries vary from a single sentence in print to two or more in cursive depending on the student.  The children also modeled various characters from the stories in clay or beeswax and as well as painted scenes using the wet-on-wet painting technique.  We continued practicing our skip counting of threes using sticks, balls or beanbags to create the skip patterns and drew the threes multiplication fact flower.  We had a special bonus class with Ms. Roxanne working on multiplication tables and measurement too!

This week the children played basketball inside and capture the flag outside with Mr. Lee, finished assembling the new desks for the second forest classroom and practicing pentatonic flute with Mr. Ben as well as working on the many gardening projects we have happening, such as seed planting, with Mr. Michael.  We all enjoyed our week in Spanish with Senora Lina.  Senora Lina will continue teaching Spanish until break, after which we will start our next language block.

A Valentine’s Day postis on our Facebook group outlining our Valentine’s Day fun.  Please let me know if you need more information. 

The weather continues to keep us on our toes with donning and shedding our layers.  Please keep on sending them with your child! J Thank you!

Ms. Melissa