Semester 2, Week 5

We wrapped up our alphabet block sharing stories of Saints and Hero's this week.  The children increased their amount of writing in both cursive and print.  We also talked about sentence structure and practiced verbally creating lots of sentences (some quite sillyJ) with nouns and both action and helping verbs. 

We will begin our new block following winter break, meeting some friendly gnomes while we are learning/revisiting the four mathematical operations and place value. During this block children build larger numbers and use those numbers to add, subtract, multiply and divide as we follow a story of adventure with the gnomes. 

We said good-bye to Senora Lina this past week and are looking forward to meeting Ms. Indira for our next block featuring Hindi.  During Games class with Mr. Lee, the children loved play Octopus Tag (a game invented by Alys).  The students and Mr. Ben began construction of clocks and practiced pentatonic flute, we planted more seeds and destroyed more (and more and more) kudzu with Mr. Michael along with bringing water from the pond and adding to our compost pile.  During handwork, the children continued to work on knitting skills, with some children starting to follow specific knitting patterns.

I hope you all have a restful and fun-filled break this coming week!


Ms. Melissa