Semester 2, Week 7

Hello Garden Families, 

We had a busy and exciting week at school.  We worked daily on the concept of place value (ones, tens, hundreds) to build numbers with gems. The children enjoyed the challenge. We then took the numbers we built and added more gems to them to practice addition with single and double digits.  We also enjoyed wet-on-wet painting the green gnome who we found out is now named ""Plus" by King Equals.  Next week we will move into the concept of subtraction.  

Of course, (way) more exciting than math was watching the first chick hatch out of its egg earlier this week. The children have enjoyed watching and holding the newly hatched chicks each day since then. 

Thank you all who came for parent conferences and I am looking forward to those scheduled for next week. 

Next week is looking much colder than this week. Please continue to send your child in layers and with rain gear in their bags. :) 

Have a lovely week,

Ms. Melissa