Semester 2, Week 8

Hi Garden Families,

We had a chilly, but enjoyable week in class.  We met Minus, the blue gnome, and practiced subtraction using gems on our place value boards.  The children built numbers and then practiced the concept of “borrowing” from the tens bags of gems as we subtracted numbers.  We will continue practicing both addition and subtraction as we move into meeting another gnome next week whose name is Times.

The children also spent time with Ms. Angela this week and worked on the weather wall near the front desk.  They learned about the various types of clouds and wind speeds.  We also had a good time celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with some stories, treats and we learned to tie a Celtic heart knot as well.  

It was wonderful talking with each of you for parent conferences these past two weeks as well.  Thank you!

Have a lovely (and much warmer) week!


Ms. Melissa