Semester 2, Week 6

We had a busy week at The Garden this week! 

We started our final math block, meeting five gnomes and an ancient tree named Old Dismas, who will teach us more about the secret of numbers and mathematical operations.  We revisited the Roman Numerals I – XII and learned larger Roman Numerals such as L for 50 and C for 100.  We also began building numbers up to 50 with gems forward and backward, using the concept of place value based on the rainbow.  Our fun way of remembering rainbow order is with the phrase “Regal old yellow gnomes buy itchy vests”.  We played a bean bag toss game to help us remember the order of colors.  For Language this week, we re-visited nouns and verbs, and introduced adjectives, including three special adjectives we call “articles” which are “a”, “an” and “the”.  We created funny sentences describing nouns in which we used many adjectives!

Next week we will continue our gnome adventures while building numbers forward and back to make the concept of place value concrete.  We will work on addition equations as well.

Parent conferences will be happening next week as well!  I look forward to seeing and talking with you then.



Ms. Melissa