Grades Classes Aug 14 - 18

Hi Garden Families, 

The Grades Class had a terrific first week at The Garden School! We have a wonderful group of students and Ms. Kathee and I are excited for this school year!!  

This week, we played name games and other fun games during morning circle as we got to see our old friends and get to know our new friends. We enjoyed working in the garden and playing games with Mr. Lee, Handwork with Ms. Lindsey, the upper grade students had math class with Ms. Roxanne and we spent time exploring and splashing in the creek. 

During our first block we enjoyed our story and form drawing, music class with Ms. Kathee, and playing math games together!  

We will continue with more of the same work and play next week. We will also begin Spanish class! :) 

"Work while you work
And play while you play. 
This is the way
To be happy each day. " 


Ms. Melissa and Ms. Kathee