Grades Classes Sept 5 - 8

Hi Garden Families, 

We had a busy, fun week at school, making the most of our short week. 
Grades One and Two began their block of Native American stories. They enjoyed drawing, painting and writing about the stories as well as having lots of fun building word families together.

Grades Three, Four and Five began their block of Beowulf. They revisited the Vimala (cursive) alphabet and began recording summaries based on the stories as well as modeling with clay and drawing pictures.

The Garden is looking wonderful and the animals are happy to see the children when they come!  Spanish class is lots of fun as the children are immersed in the language through games such as Pato, Pato, Ganso.  They enjoyed singing and dancing in music with Ms. Kathee and wet-on-wet painting based on their class stories with Ms. Melissa. 

The mornings are now much cooler (Yay!:).  Please send your child with layers that they can easily shed as the days warm back up. 


Ms. Melissa and Ms. Kathee