Kindergarten Sept 18 - 22

Kindergarten decided to celebrate the last full week of Summer by spending as much time outdoors as possible!  Ms. Sonya was out for the week with her family.  As a special treat Mr. Lee joined Ms. Lindsey and Mr. Warren with Kindergarten for the whole week!  We stayed on the playground for our morning circle and activities such as leather stamping, polishing wood, washboard laundry, practicing our sewing stitches and crayon drawing.  We enjoyed our morning snack at the picnic tables each day then headed into the forest for story and play.  Kindergarten loved seeing the grades students perform for the Festival of Courage and the story of the princess and the dragon. The javelin throw and silk flag dyeing were especially popular with the kindergarten children. Friday Ms. Lisa joined us for our morning circle and tea. Our time in the garden was spent feeding kudzu to the donkey and the goats. Afterward we all gathered down at the creek to cool down on a hot first day of Autumn.