HomeSchool: September 17 - 21

This was a great week for HomeSchool. We were so glad to have all the DeWillers back. We found beaver sticks and deer tracks and tiny spider webs during Creekcess. The hop scotch to the New Orleans Mardi Gras song Iko, Iko was a lot of fun. Ki Mike delivered a 4-foot length of bamboo for each student and we began work on our talking sticks, painting each section of the bamboo a different color. When students return October 2nd, they will be painting their Native American/First Nations patterns on the sticks with acrylic paints. Each student shared with the class a time when they had to be brave and courageous to make it through. Ki Kelly and Logan brought us a beautiful bread dragon with apricot eyes as our snack on the Day of Courage. The Day of Courage celebration on the meadow was very dramatic with the Middle Grades telling the story in verse, the Upper Grades with their drum and rainstick,  all of us chanting, the huge red dragon, the princess who tamed the dragon, and the knight on a gorgeous black horse. I''m glad so many HomeSchool parents were able to attend. We ended the week by releasing the tiny turtle we had found back into the pond.

I am chaperoning the Upper Grades on their field trip to Saint Simons Island October 1st-3rd. Ari, Elsu, Brolin, and Ki Julia will be with me too. Ki Kate will be subbing for HomeSchool on the 2nd. She spent the morning with us Thursday to get to know the kids. On that day, each student will be sharing all they know about their Great State! and turning in their completed forms. They may also bring in mementos, clothing, pictures, food, and anything else that represents your state. Here are the states that were chosen:

Ari: Alaska

Bear: Washington

Brendan: Florida

Brolin: Tennessee

Christopher: Maryland

Elsu: New York

Helene: Colorado

Logan: Hawaii

Lucan: Texas

Ollie: New Mexico

The week of October 8th, the school will have early dismissal at 12:30pm each day. Please bring me any questions, concerns, and suggestions you have for HomeSchool or for the whole school when you come for your conference. If both parents are able to attend the conference, even better! 

Quote from a child, referring to our waterfall fun day: "Ki Sonya, when are we ever going on the Water Faucet trip?"

Quote from Sonia Sotomayor, Supreme Court Justice: "Don't mistake politeness for lack of strength."

See you next season,

Ki Sonya