Kindergarten: September 17 - 21

Well, the Kindergarten classes had a wonderful week last week! Everyone played a lot, got along swimmingly, and had a lot of fun. There was not a lot for us to do, it was almost like we weren’t even here! The week before was similar! (except we were actually here). 

Everyone seems to be settling into their rhythm and it has made the days move along with ease. We will be transitioning to some new songs in the coming two weeks as we move into fall (kinda), and the kindergartners show more and more enthusiasm and excitement for the circles. We are starting to do some fall-time crafts and we will be trying to get to the creek as much as we can before the days actually get cold (kinda).

The seasons are changing, and so is the early childhood program! We will be bidding a sad farewell to Ki Warren who will be officially stepping away after several months of health issues, and welcoming Ki Amy into the Meadowgarten full time. We'll also see Ki Amanda and Ki Ieva trade roles, so that Ki Ieva will be working with the toddlers and Ki Amanda will be joining the Meadowgarten. We know it's a lot of change, but these are all familiar faces and we'll be working with the children very consciously to make sure that their connections are honored during this transition. Please let us know if you have any questions!

We are excited to be back and hope everyone had a wonderful break!! 

- The Kindergarten Team