Lower Grades: September 17-21

The Lower Grades wrapped up our alphabet block this week with letters from the story The Two Brothers by Brothers Grimm.  We added H, W/wh, L and Q (which they learned as “qu” for sounding out purposes) to our letter wall.  The students not only learned the basic letter sounds, but also that some consonant make more than one sound, such as s and (soft) c .  We learned that “qu” stick together and that “w” and “wh” make the same sound.  Our final vowel was “u” and we “whipped Up” some whipped cream and strawberries!  (I had to get creative!  It was that or Ugli fruit ).

When we return we will start a “Qualities of Number” block during which the children will meet each number 1-12 in various fun ways and play lots of math games.  We will also begin working with number families (ex. The 2,3,5 creates 2+3=5, 3+2=5, 5-2=3, 5-3=2).  These basic addition and subtraction families, along with the basic multiplication and division families, are your child’s foundation for math in the same way that sight words (the, and, of, etc.) for reading.  When you have your math facts (or sight words) down solidly, upper level math (or reading) becomes much less of a chore and you are able to focus more on the processes (or comprehension of the story).

In the meantime, I hope you had a wonder-filled and restful break!  We are looking forward to more fun and adventure and perhaps even some cooler temperatures (dare to dream).


Ki Melissa