Kindergarten: Oct 8 - 12

Hello Kindy families!

Although our days were cut short last week, it was still wonderful and full of good energy and activity. We didn't spend a lot of time in the creek as the water level raised over the weekend, but we did get to enjoy seeing how high the water could rise. 

We are very pleased with how the parent teacher conferences went, it's nice to touch base with parents and see the overall picture of the child and how he or she is doing! We hope to continue in this way. Thank you all for making time for this! 

As the weather is cooling and after observing at the Waldorf School of Atlanta last week, we've been inspired to make some changes to our schedule and daily rhythm. Meadow and Mountain will now part ways after our morning circle and spend more time as a class. We are very excited for these changes. We still plan to meet during forest time however! 

Warm Regards,