Mountaingarten: October 15-19

Dear Mountain Parents,

The past week went by smoothly and we are happy with the new changes to our daily rhythm. As mentioned before, we are parting ways with Meadow Garden after our morning circle. From now on, both classes will be returning to their home base after circle and will go back outside after second snack, returning to our nest for lunch. 

We had a very busy week! We made butter and used it as a spread on our zaatar bread rolls which we also made, cut veggies for our soup, made a salad with our cucumbers and tomatoes, and celebrated a birthday with delicious muffins (thank you Sarah!). We also went for a nature walk, fed the animals, painted with water color, sewed gnome hats, colored autumn trees with block crayons and glued leaves we found in the forest.

The children learned a story about a wise man who never told lies (we repeat the same story everyday for the week so the children have time to process and think about it) and by the end of the week our story developed into a play, where the children were able to act out the lines.

We have our good bye song that we are now singing at the end of the day with beautiful tune:

"Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye my friends

Until the day we meet again

We've had our laughs, we've had our fun

And the day is done

Goodbye my Friends."  

We also have a new song we sing to prepare us for the hall: 

"My hands are by my side,

I'm standing straight and tall,

my eyes are looking forward,

I'm ready for the hall!

Shh!" (Their favorite part)"

As the weather is cooling, please be sure children have enough clothes to keep them warm. Children who do not have proper attire for the cold will be sent home.

Also, please remember to pick up your child's rest mat at their end of the week. They will be outside next to the picnic table.

Several children are missing their inside shoes, if the shoes are still at home please remind your child to bring it with them to school. Also, if your child does not yet know how to tie shoes, please send them to school in velcro shoes or something else they can easily take on and off by themselves. 

Also, please don't forget to check lost and found for any missing items, and a change of clothes and a wet bag is still required. 

We are now going to have "show and tell" on Friday's, so please have your child find something from nature or something that he/she made to share with the class, it could even be song or a story!

Lastly, for parents signed up to bring the snack. In addition to the fruits, we will ask for a few vegetables to use in our soup. We will change up the soup every week so vegetables may vary. We plan to start this the first week of November. 

Thank you for reading this lengthy message! 

With Gratitude, 

Mountain Garden