Lower Grades: Oct 15 - 19

The Lower Grades class worked with the numbers up to six though stories this week, practicing movement patterns and numeral formation along with building number sentences using gems and then recording them for our master books.  Students also used dice to build and solve larger number equations as well.  During our first blocks, the children and I drew pictures together, however for this new math block they are copying pictures with little direct instruction from me.  They are doing wonderfully and seem to be happy with the process as well as their final product. 

As we did not fully meet every alphabet letter, we also learned about the letter “x”.  We read the story of “The Wolf and the Fox”, thought of many “x” words and worked on letter formation.  During clay modeling, the students have been making spheres into paddies, then pressing in six places and pulling out six arms of clay that turn into four legs, a head and a tail to create animals, both realistic or imaginary.  For Language, in addition to our work with “x”, we played sight words bingo.  In Handwork, the children are working on their knitting skills.  As this is a slow, repetitive process that requires one-on-one or small groups, the children are also sewing using blunt-tipped embroidery needles and plastic canvas grids focusing on the blanket stitch to start.  They are enjoying it all very much!

This coming week, we will continue in our math block learning more about the qualities of each number through stories, arts and movement.  Please send your children with jackets each day as the mornings will be much colder and we will be spending time outside each day.  Water bottles are still necessary as well.  We will still be going to the creek, however, as the temperatures drop please send your child with boots.  This way they can play in the water, but keep their feet dry.  We will be discouraging getting clothes wet as a general safety precaution moving forward.


Ki Melissa