Middle Grades: Oct 15 - 19

We had a great time at The Phantom Tollbooth.  The general consensus was that it would have been much more enjoyable had the actors actually spoken, but the general response was positive.

This week we will be beginning a week of talking about grains.  We will explore a little history of grains and bread making, and, of course, we'll be cooking a little.  Plans are in the making to have oatmeal, rice pudding, bread with no leavening, yeast bread, and tortillas.  If you have experience with making tortillas, please come and help me.  I have a recipe, but I have no experience.  I will make sure that those students who are sensitive to wheat have an alternative to the breads.

If you have not already begun to flash card the multiplication tables, please do so.  We are up to the sixes as of this week, and all students can use some practice.  I recommend starting in order and then mixing them up.

Some of you asked in your conferences what you could do to help your child.  Read to them, even if they are reading really well.  Read a passage to them.  Ask them to read it with you aloud.  Then ask them to read it alone.  By doing this, you will be reinforcing an expressive, fluent reading style, and they will benefit greatly from the one on one time with you.

I look forward to seeing you all at Kingdom of Halloween on Saturday.  Don't forget to reserve your time.  You may not see me there; however, Madam Katrina will be floating about reading palms and telling fortunes.

As the weather changes, be sure that your child has layers of clothing.  We are now spending more time in the garden, and that is usually during the morning hours, when it is the nippiest, but they need to shed some of their outer wear when the sun warms us up.

RAIN BOOTS!!! Every Wednesday, and any day that it has rained the day/night before.

I'd like to encourage you to fill out the Volunteer Form and get your background checks done if you haven't already done so.  Between now and the end of the semester we will be doing a lot of projects, and I could use an extra pair of hands almost every day, especially with spinning, weaving, sewing, and making things out of natural materials from the forest.  Also, at the next Community Work Day we will be doing a lot of sprucing up down at the garden, and it would be great if all of you could come and hang out with me at the garden.

Have a great week.  I am going to be absent on Monday.  I have an ear infection that has spread into my sinuses and feel the need to rest, take my medication, and be ready to get back to school by Tuesday.  Many of the students have had colds and stomach viruses already this year.  I am now taking extra vitamins to boost by immune system, and trying to eat healthier.  Maybe if we all do this we'll all feel better.