Middle Grades: October 22 - 26

The Middle Grades students will spend the next couple of weeks measuring.  We will start the week by measuring with our bodies - thumbs, feet, hand span, elbow to tip of finger, stride; and steadily move to the tools of measuring - rulers, scales, and the ways that we calculate measurement.

We are getting into The Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder, and learning about the hard work involved in being a farmer.  We will continue learning about farming and gardening.  A month ago we planted spinach, kale, and collards.  Today there is nothing left of them.  Something ate every plant right down to the ground.  I'm guessing rabbits or rats.  We have to design a way to cover the beds when we aren't down there before we replant.  If any of you have any ideas, please contact me so that we can move quickly to have at least a few cool season edibles.

I will be distributing a new round of biographies this week.  Please help your child get on a schedule to finish reading the book at home by the end of next week.  Book reports will be due the following Wednesday, November 14.  The format will be the same as before.

Practice the 6x's!!!!!!

And have a spooky week,

Ki Kathee