Lower Grades: October 1 - 5

The Lower Grades enjoyed a week of nature stories and form drawing each morning this past week.  The children physically moved the various running forms, practice them on scrap paper and then finally drew the forms for their master books.  We also enjoyed playing sight word bingo as well as working with pattern blocks for math.  We began our latest circle time with new verses, songs and games.  The children worked each day this week on the verse they shared during the assembly.  They learned it so fast and they did a fantastic job sharing it!

This week we will start our first math block.  Through story, art and games the children will spend time with the numbers 1-12 and then move on to working with place value (ones, tens and hundreds) though hands on activities.  Throughout each week, we will continue to have modeling with clay, language arts periods, Nature Exploration, Games class, Handwork, Friendship Circle, Yoga, Indoor Games, and wet-on-wet painting.  We do like to stay busy! 

Please remember all week we have early dismissal at 12:30 due to Parent-Teacher conferences.   I am looking forward to sharing about some of the work and fun we have each day in class!


Ki Melissa