HomeSchool: Nov 5th - Nov 12th

Hi HomeSchool families!

HomeSchool students gave their Amphibian presentations Tuesday morning. I was very impressed by their public speaking skills with each one standing, making excellent eye contact with their audience, and speaking clearly. Great job!

Thursday dawned cloudy and cold for our Lantern Walk but we had a good time walking the trails with our handmade lanterns and singing the lantern songs. We worked hard on Privet Pocket, our outdoor classroom, cleaning, sweeping, and clearing vines and limb from HomeSchool Trail. We wrote and colored thank you notes to Atlanta-area veterans. Ki Jasmine delivered these for us.

We painted wooden maple leaves and real hickory nuts to add to the centerpiece decorations for Thanksgiving dinner November 16th. This potluck begins at 11:30pm on Friday, and HomeSchool families are welcome to participate. It is a Three Sisters dinner. Bring a corn dish, a bean dish, or a squash dish to share.

On Tuesday we will learn about animals as timekeepers. We'll talk about Aldo Leopold's Dawn Bird Chorus and generate a list of animals that are nocturnal, diurnal, and crepuscular. We will talk about fairies (mostly nocturnal) and collect materials from the forest for fairy houses building. On Thursday we will build fairy houses outside and, if it gets too wet and cold, we'll play Nature Bingo inside. Bring raincoats or jackets, rain pants, extra socks, and rain boots for both days!

Logan's last day with us is Thursday. Ki Kelly will bring a special snack and hot beverage for her going-away get-together that day. Their family is moving back to southern California, and not a minute too soon if they want to avoid the cold weather.

Thanksgiving Break is Monday, November 19th through Friday, November 23rd. Ki Kate Brown will be subbing for me the following week, November 27th and 29th, while Larry and I are on the family cruise with my Dad. That will be the first week of our study of reptiles!

Quote from a child: "Toads aren't ugly. They're just toads."

Quote from William Morris, English writer, artist, & designer, 1834-1896: "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful."

See you in the leaf pile,

Ki Sonya