Joyful Beginnings: Nov 5th - Nov 12th

The children had their second watercolor painting class. This time, we explored the yellow color. Once we felt good with the yellow, we added back a bit of red from last week. They blended colors to recreate the autumn leaves that we were observing during our outside walks.

We also dipped our hands working with glue. We glued paper pumpkins and tissue paper to recreate autumn vegetable feast.

We loved walking in the big puddles. We explored all the puddles in the playground before moving to the farm. While walking through intersections, we get in the circle, sing circle song and explore our body movement from tips of the toes to the top of outstretched hands.

The children were active also in the garden. We planted the tea plants donated by parents. Hopefully, we will have lots of tea for our hot brew.