Meadowgarten: Nov 12 - 16

Greetings Meadowgarten Families!

We hope that everyone enjoyed a wonderful, relaxing holiday with family and friends.  We are excited to hear about all of the adventures that were had by the children.  In light of the time off, we would like to offer a few important reminders as we jump back into the school routine.  

Please send your meadowgartener with two full changes of clothing.  If possible, please place the second change of clothing in a clear bag labeled with their name.  We will keep this change of clothes in the classroom to decrease the amount of items traveling back and forth from home.

 Also, even thought he forecast shows sunny skies this week, please still send your child with rain gear and an extra pair of shoes.  The forest may still be muddy and wet and we would like the children to be prepared for wet play each day!

We have noticed that the forest tends to be about five degrees cooler so please keep this in mind when dressing your child.  A heavy coat with layers underneath will ensure that the children are warm enough at all times.  

Lastly, please remember to send your child with an uncut, unwashed vegetable on Tuesday or Wednesday of each week.  We will chop these veggies together and enjoy them in our soup on Thursdays.