Mountaingarten: Nov 12 - 16

The past week had been fun filled. The students participated in building blocks, marble painting, knitting finger chains, cutting up our vegetables, water color painting, turtle watching, and feeding the animals. 

The class celebrated Daniel's birthday, where the children were able to enjoy delicious brownies brought in by Daniel's mother. 

The students were told a story about Snow Rose. Who rescued her seven brothers from being swans by singing the ABC's. Monday through Wednesday the students were able to  listen to the story, and on Thursday they were able to reenact the story while the teacher narrated. 
 The children's imagination was running wild with stories for show and tell. Several of the students made stories up about animals, babies, Halloween, and snakes. A student brought a book about his favorite animal, the snake, while another student sang the ABC's. 
We want to thank the parents who came in on Friday for our Thanksgiving lunch, and brought in food to share with everyone. 

There were a couple of children not appropriately dressed for the weather. The temperature is very cold in the mornings when we go outside.  Emails have gone out to parents. Please ensure that your child is dressed for the cold weather.  

Fridays are show and tell, even during the half days.