Joyful Beginnings: October 29 - November 2

We were busy this week.

We planted some tulips near the fence. Hopefully next spring we should have a beautiful flower bed that kids can be proud of.

Kids had our first watercolor painting class. We explored the red color. Kids learned the feel of the paintbrush on the paper. They were also learning how to hold the paintbrush. It was lots of fun for all of us.

To prepare our daily veggie snack, kids help me out with chopping them in handy pieces. Ki Ieva had been bringing some vegetables and fruits for us to chop and snack. Keegan’s mom and Colton’s mom volunteered to bring some fruits and veggies in the upcoming weeks. We will try to create a list to make the process more systemic.

We enjoyed our Moon children visits. One day they joined us in drawing colorful lines on the paper :)

As always we use every nice weather day to enjoy the time in the playground. Kato really enjoys helping other kids swinging on the playground swings. He has been our class chief swing assistant.