Mountaingarten: October 29 - November 2

This past week was great. The kids were able to enjoy stacking and balancing rocks, feeding the animals, watering plants in the vegetable garden, having a nature walk, carpet weaving, painting activity with crafting tape, show and tell, and it ended with the Friday assembly where we were able to perform the Farmer Song. 

Monday through Wednesday the children were told a story about an old man and woman who were down on their luck and in order to make money they had to sell shoes. However, each morning when they awoke the shoes were made by little elves. On Thursday the children were able to become the characters and act out the story as the teacher narrated. 

We have introduced a new song last week which is called the "Tree Song." We will be introducing a new song this upcoming week as well as a poem.  

This week we are excited to start our nature table, where the children have already started to collect items from nature to put at the table. 


Please remember if you are signed up for snack please have the snack in the kitchen by 8:30 am, as it helps us with preparing for our day. 

Please have at least a light jacket for your child, as there have been multiple children coming down with a cold and having the sniffles. 

Please be sure your child brings his/her rest mat to school!

Thank you!


Mountain Garden