HomeSchool: Dec 3 - 7

Hi HomeSchool families!

Fun times at The Garden School!  On Tuesday, we celebrated Ari's 14th birthday and had final amphibian presentations by Ari, Elsu, Bear, Lucan, and Ki Sonya. We studied Amphibians vs Reptiles, the similarities and the differences. We went on a student-led hike led by Christopher, who took us to Kindy Beach, Quiet Corner, and to visit the farm animals. And we played Toe Dominoes (see photos)! 

On Thursday, we cut up apples and took them with us when Helene led us on a student-led hike through the playground to feed the donkeys and goats and climb on rocks. The Helene led us to the marsh pier to play with the 1-inch-thick ice that had formed on the surface. This was so much fun nobody wanted to leave! Back inside, we learned about sea turtles and why they are truly world citizens. We got to see an actual baby sea turtle and egg, and we drew sea turtle adults and hatchlings.

This Tuesday, Ollie will be guiding us on our student-led hike. We will play the Project WILD field game called Turtle Hurdles, highlighting the predators and risks that sea turtle hatchlings have to avoid to survive. You will need warm clothes and tennis shoes or hiking boots. 

This Thursday will be an inside day. Wear a nice outfit as we will have our class photos taken that morning. Christopher's Dad, Ki Richard, will set up several train layouts in the Blue Sky Room. HomeSchool students will get to see the trains and ask questions about the mechanics and stories behind them. We will also serve as mentors for the kindergarten students as they visit the train layouts. We will practice walking with a candle so that each student is comfortable with this. In the afternoon, we will participate with our grade levels in the Advent Spiral, held in the church sanctuary. Please make sure your child's hair is pulled back on this day (or I can help put it into a ponytail holder at lunchtime).

On Tuesday, each student will bring home four more sheets of white masterbook paper, signaling the next take-home project. Please use this paper horizontally and front-side only. Each student will choose a reptile to research. On the first sheet, write the name of the reptile, as well as a physical description of the animal (size, length, color, eyes, teeth, tail, feet, etc.) On the second sheet, draw or paint the reptile using crayons, colored pencils, watercolor, or acrylics. On the third sheet, draw or paint a dinosaur or other prehistoric animal that your reptile may have come from/descended from. Use crayons, colored pencils, watercolors, or acrylics. The fourth sheet is for mess-ups or to add additional info. Put your name on the back of each sheet. We will be presenting these on our first day back, January 15th, so don't forget to bring your competed masterbook sheets back then!

Always have one or two extra pairs of socks in your backpack. One can never have too many warm, dry socks at this time of year!

Quote from a child: "I've learned the best time to ask your Dad if you can do something is when he's sleeping."

Quote from Unknown: "Never wash a car, mow a yard, or select a Christmas tree after dark."

See you at the marsh,

Ki Sonya