Meadowgarten: Dec 3 - 7

Hello Meadowgarten families!

We had a wonderful last week at school. The temperatures were brisk, but the rain held off, and students were appropriately dressed for success!

We introduced our new winter circle this week, and we also practiced for our Friday assembly with “I’m Gonna Mail Myself to You” and the “Winter Canon” song. We’ve attached the lyrics below!

This week, some of our practical work included collecting firewood for our near daily fire and clearing trails with the rake. Meadowgarteners discovered how to make balance boards, or nature see-saws, which were a main interest this week. Students worked together to compile the balance boards, then they explored the magic of balancing with friends. Where do 2 people need to stand on one side to balance out the 1 friend on the other side?
We explored the boardwalk- walking with our fox feet and deer ears to explore what we could see and hear. Students found a silent place to sit while we observed the world around us. On our nature walks, we often walk with fox feet (walking with the outside edge of the foot first, then rolling inward in order to keep silent!) and deer ears (with our hands cupped behind our ears to help us hear better). This week we observed ducks, woodpeckers, rabbits, a hawk, tadpoles and more.

On Thursday, we celebrated Novi’s 4th birthday. Her father baked amazing cupcakes and Novi brought some of her favorite snacks to share - seaweed and snap pea crisps! We also shared our soup snack with the toddler classroom- it was very sweet to see the meadowgarteners open up our circle for the toddlers and wanting the little ones to sit with them.

As the days get colder, students are excited to discover ice throughout our forest play area. As we try to keep to dry play when the days are so cold, students often forget that playing with ice (and hopefully snow, one day!) makes their hands chilly! We’ve been discussing these chilly hand consequences with the meadowgarteners. Sometimes the thin-layer gloves are not enough to keep their hands warm, so if you have more substantial gloves, please send these with your child.

Otherwise, thanks you all so much for bundling your children up for outdoor play.  We understand it can be difficult, but it is much appreciated. The forest is typically a few degrees cooler than what we experience in the meadow or playground. Layers are crucial- especially on the legs!

Please remember to send your child with an unwashed, uncut vegetable on Tuesday or Wednesday of each week.  The students love looking for their own veggie in Thursday’s soup!

Up the Misty Mountain:

Part 1:

Up the misty mountain, down the valley low

March the merry mountain folk, Ho, Ho, Ho

We’ll cut the magic crystal, we’ll cut the stars a-glow

We’ll turn them into snowflakes and

Make it snow, snow, snow (Repeat)

Part 2:

We are woods folk, sawing trees

Sawing, sawing, sawing trees.

We don’t stop for winter weather,

We keep sawing all together.

We are woods folk, sawing trees

Sawing, sawing, sawing trees.

The tree falls down with a great big crash

Now it’s time to take our axe.

We chop and chop with all our might

To cut some wood for the fire tonight

We carry all our logs along

Singling gaily this merry a-song

Tra-la-la-la-la-la-la, Tra-la-la-la-la-la-la

Put your logs on the tree stump – get your axes ready (Said by teacher)

We are working, working hard.

Chopping firewood in our yard

Hold the chopper, hold it tight,

Lift it high with all your might.

Chopping, chopping, chop, chop, chop.

Merrily the pieces drop

It’s the finest game you know

Makes us warm from head to toe

Now a bundle we will tie

We’ll put it in the shed to dry

Chopping, chopping

Chop, chop, chop

Merrily the pieces drop

I’m Gonna Mail Myself to You!

(chorus) I’m gonna wrap myself in paper

I’m gonna dab myself with glue

Stick some stamps on the top of my head,

‘Cause I’m gonna mail myself to you!

Verse 1: I’m gonna tie me up in red string,

I’m gonna tie blue ribbon too.

I’m gonna run right in my mailbox,

‘Cause I’m gonna mail myself to you!


Verse 2: When you see me in your mailbox

Cut the strings and let me out!

Wash the glue off of my fingers,

And put some bubble gum in my mouth

(Chew 3x, blow a bubble 3x, then POP!)


Verse 3: Take me out of that wrapping paper

And wash the stamps off of my head.

Pour me full of warm hot cocoa

And put me in my nice, warm, bed.

Winter Canon

When winter pounds it’s icy fist

Upon our kitchen door,

We’ll never let it in

No, never let it in,

Though he may rage and roar.

Though he may rage and roar,

We’ll not let him in the door.