Kindergarten: Dec 10 - 14

This past week has been different for both Mountaingarten and Meadowgarten. We have decided that for these two weeks we will be combining are smaller classes to make the Sungarten class. 

The children enjoyed playing in the forest together, where they built a large fort out of sticks. Sungarten had show and tell as well. Students brought in bug houses, a homemade flower pot, a special stone, a feather, and we had students sing the ABCs and a student who sung a song about his father.

 Thursday and Friday the class was able to participate in an important event called the advent spiral. It was a beautiful ceremony that the students took very seriously. They handled the apple and candle with care and placed it on the star.


Thursday is half day and the start of our Winter vacation

Have a wonderful and safe holiday, and we will see you in the New Year. 

Warm regards,