Meadowgarten: Nov 26-30

Hello Meadowgarten Families!

Last week was full of adventures for our Meadowgarteners.  On Monday, the students worked together to clear a spot in the woods for our new Base Camp.  The first spot we chose is prone to puddles when it rains so we chose a new spot that we hope will remain drier through wet weather.  We hope to add a tarp or other structure above our heads so that we can enjoy snack, foreign language and other activities, rain or shine! 

On Tuesday, we enjoyed a fire on the playground in the morning and ate our rice bowls in the sunshine at the picnic tables.  Rice bowls seems to be the crowd favorite when it comes to snack time! 

On Wednesday, the children discovered the first patches of ice throughout the forest.  This was extremely exciting for them and it was delightful to watch them engage in winter-inspired forest play!   We also made butter while in the forest and served it with bread and jam around the fire.  In the afternoon we washed and chopped veggies for Thursday’s soup.  It was fun to watch the children take pride in chopping their very own vegetables.  

Thursday and Friday were full of sunshine, leaf piles, fort building, and discovering fun forest creatures such as slugs, worms, bugs, a newt, and a bunny rabbit.  We took snack compost to the learning farm and had a nice visit with our animal friends.  We also started learning some fun, new winter songs. 

Thanks to all of the Meadowgarten families for bundling your children up for outdoor play.  Everyone was dry and comfortable through the changing temperatures this past week.

Please remember to send your child with an unwashed, uncut vegetable on Tuesday or Wednesday of each week. The students love looking for their own veggie in Thursday’s soup!