Middle Grades: November 26 - 30

I am so appreciative of Lesley Lang for subbing all week while I was in the training intensive.  I hear that it was a tough week for everyone.  I am excited about what I learned at the Orton-Gillingham Comprehensive Training, and I will be implementing my new knowledge as soon as I can integrate the method into the Waldorf curriculum.  I will want to have a meeting with you as parents to explain what I will be doing. I am convinced that this reading method is comprehensive, sequential, and absolute fun as you go experience,  More later.

Coming Up:

This week we will be weaving wool on a stick loom, and we may start weaving a basket.  I will be asking the students to write descriptions of their projects and also a narrative of instructions on how to knit.  We will spend some time at the garden, and some instruction time outside as well, so please make sure that your children are layered.

Dec. 7 - First Friday Assembly, early dismissal;  string ensemble performance - please make sure your child is practicing, and don't forget the dress code for the performance.

Dec. 13 - Advent Spiral.  More details next Monday.