Grades March 19 - 23

Hi Garden Families,

We are excited to start our Performance block.  This week the children will hear the story of Iduna and the Apples.  Also during this coming block, the Lower grades will continue to work on writing their own fairy tale.

Last week the Lower grades crafted the base-line for their story which will be a sequel to The 13 Clocks.  They will be copying text they create together as well as adding an individual spin to their copies.  The students will also illustrate their own stories.  The Upper grades finished the Norse myths this week with the Valkyries and Ragnarok, the final battle.  As I told about Ragnarok there were shouts of hurrah coupled with loud NOs. It is a rousing tale.

All the students worked hard this past week to get ready for our Springtide Festival.  They hand-crafted a wide variety of products during their Social Entrepreneurship period and the items that didn’t see Saturday will be available for sale in our school store.  The children are also working on drawing of “Nature at Night” to enter into a contest which features nocturnal animals.

It looks like another week of all four seasons in five days!  Please send your child/ren with appropriate gear! 😊


Ki Melissa and Ki Kathee