Grades March 26 - 30

Hi Garden Families,

The Grades class enjoyed their first week of the Performance block.  They practiced reading for various roles, played dramatic games and worked through various ideas for props, backdrops and costumes.  Friday, roles were assigned and scripts sent home.  Please have your child/ren bring their scripts each day to school.

We wrapped up the current social entrepreneurship session with a final meeting  where we assessed the Springtide school store success and brainstormed ideas for how to save, share and spend the profits.  The children enjoyed making stars from sticks in Nature Exploration as well as had fun creating leaf and petal designs which were then laminated. In Advocacy the students have created Rules of Respect for All and we have been discussing ways to make wise decisions about interactions with others. 

We hope you have a relaxing and restful spring break!


Ki Melissa and Ki Kathee

This week the grades students worked on the drawings they will enter in the Nature at Night wildlife poster contest. Each student drew one or more nocturnal animals onto their lovely watercolor backgrounds. These will be mailed to the State Botanical Garden in Athens for judging.

The grades students discovered two killdeer parents. These wonderful birds, related to the plover, are living in our back parking lot and probably keeping a close vigil over their nest. We hope to see their chicks soon, which look like cotton balls with two little toothpick legs.

Ki Sonya