Grades April 16 - 20

Hi Garden Families,

The students have been practicing and are working hard to get ready for our class play this Saturday at 2:00pm. In class, the Lower grades worked on the golden apple props and their own fairy tales in their master books. The Upper grades are working on grammar, including parts of speech and spelling.  The Grades class also completed repairs and maintence on our forest shelter as well as continued developing our herb garden by planting chives and lettuce seeds.  All children have enjoyed learning about the life of honeybees as well as song birds, which they modeled using clay. In Music we have been learning songs for our family tea in May.  Congrats to Amelia for finishing her knitted hat! 

We are looking forward to Saturday!  Please have your child to the school by 1:00pm.  The performance starts at 2:00pm.  As customary with Waldorf plays, we ask that you refrain from taking videos or photographs during the performance. 


Ki Melissa and Ki Kathee

At Creekcess on Tuesday, we used the swing to cross from one side of the creek to the other, getting thoroughly wet.

At Nature Study with Ki Sonya, we did an archaeology dig in the sand box and the sand boat. We found bones, antlers, shells, crystals, fossils, and Native American artifacts. We cleaned them and laid them out on a grid as we had found them so we could record their locations.

At the Environmental Art Festival, we walked the new art ribbon trail that winds through the pine forest and the mowed right of way. Students from our school and from three local art studios entered artwork that they had completed. We also displayed our Nature at Night wildlife posters and our tile mosaics. We looked at the art displayed all along the trail and voted for our three favorites. Then we ate lunch outside at the picnic tables.