Grades May 7 - 11

Hi Garden Families,

It is amazing to think here we are at the last week of the school year!

Thank you for joining us for our Family Tea on Friday. The Kindergartens and Grades children preformed so beautifully.  We are so proud of them!

This past week the students completed title section dividers in their master books and worked on wrapping up a few projects. They also enjoyed playing some favorite math games. During Nature Study, Ki Sonya took us to our pond for a macro invertebrate hunt. They students found such a variety of creatures, some that helped us to see our pond is in good health as well! 

This week we have planned a school-wide field day on Thursday morning. There will be games and activities rain or shine (unless there is thunder). Either way, getting wet will be part of the fun. 😃

Thursday afternoon the Grades children will be given their Master Books to bring home.  They will have time to enjoy looking through them together as a group. 


Ki Melissa and Ki Kathee