Lower Grades: First Week of School

Hi Garden Families,

The school year is off to a fun and busy start!  The children enjoyed touring campus, receiving their new crayons and crayon rolls (a big thank you to Abby’s grandmother for making them for us!) and getting started on their lessons and activities!

As traditionally done in Waldorf school’s, the first block is Form Drawing.  The children are brought to awareness that all forms around us are a combination of straight and curved lines.  Moving and drawing the forms helps to develop focus and intention, an awareness of the top and bottom and left and right places both in space and on their papers.  Form drawing helps to develop their will and is a precursor to both writing and geometry. 

Along with using their stick crayons for Form Drawing, the children used their new red, yellow and blue block crayons and found they could make the secondary colors of orange, green and purple when they overlapped specific colors.  The idea is for them to discover how to use these crayons to create art work they can feel good about.  We also began modeling with clay (if they happen to bring clay home, please have them bring it back.  It should stay at school), making balls, pots, and canoes.  The children experienced the color yellow while wet-on-wet painting as well as learning the basics for the set-up and how-to of this style of painting.  Also during this short week, the students had Spanish class and Practical Arts (a.k.a Handwork) with Don Andres, Yoga with Ki Nina, and Nature Exploration with Ki Sonya (I’m sure you all heard about the box turtle; if not, ask them!).

If your child was tired, now you know why! 

Our class Parent Night is August 28th.  I hope you can all be there as you will learn more about what your child is doing at school, how their days are structured and some of the fun activities coming their way.


Ki Melissa