Lower Grades: August 20 - 24

The Lower Grades had a busy and fun week!  We began our first Language block which focuses on the alphabet.  Each letter is being link within a Grimm’s fairy tale.  The children did a wonderful job drawing their first master book pages matching the letters and stories.  They practiced writing the letters (letter formation) both in sand and on paper, making and identifying the letter sounds using a mirror, and copying the eurhythmy movements for each letter.  At the beginning of the week, each student made a beeswax candle to be lit during our story telling time throughout the year, and also made a smaller version to bring home.  On Friday we celebrated our first vowel, “a” by making apple crisp as an end of the week treat.  In math, we continued using pattern blocks, making walls with them one day and copying designs from cards on another day.  They enjoyed working in teams to first copy the pattern on the card and then to recreate the pattern on a board using the card as a “map”.  We also continued practicing counting by tens forward and backward using a variety of movements such as beanbag tossing, bouncing balls, hopscotch and jumping rope.

This Tuesday evening we are having our Lower Grades class parent night at 6:00.  It should last around 45 minutes in which we will review the upcoming year, give an idea of what a typical day and week are like for your child and have some time for questions at the end.  I hope you all can join us in our classroom!


Ki Melissa