Upper Grades: August 20 - 24

Happy Monday, Upper Grades parents! 

Here’s a reminder that tomorrow (Tuesday) at 7 pm we have our parent evening. It’s only 45 minutes long, and it’s important that one or more parents from each family attend. As a parent, my understanding of Waldorf education had its beginnings in these parent evenings over the years. 

Today we finished our first Main Lesson block, The Song of Hiawatha. While I will still be holding space for our class, I am very excited to introduce Molly Parker as a guest teacher for our next block.  Tomorrow we will begin a 3-week study of Local Geography.  Molly is a parent in our class and she and I were in a 2-year Foundation Studies class together a few years ago. She also has many years of homeschool teaching experience. 

We had a lot of fun celebrating our first birthday last week. Liam brought in yummy popsicles (not too high in sugar and without artificial ingredients), he lighted a special candle he got to take home, and we sang and made cards for him. You can see the picture of Liam entertaining the class with his new magic kit he’d received that morning. When your child’s birthday is approaching, I’ll contact you. Also we’ll set up times to celebrate the summer birthdays!

I would like the shared birthday snacks from home to be fresh fruit, or the popsicles like Liam brought. Please don’t send in snacks containing gluten, dairy, or artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors. We have some allergies in the class, plus we like to honor the school food guidelines even on birthdays. I greatly appreciate your help with this! 

Some of the children have REALLY been interested in the caterpillars that are everywhere nowadays. One day, this interest was especially strong, as you can see in the photo. 

We did some language arts study in an outdoor classroom. It was my first time teaching in this way. It’s so pleasant and relaxing, which I can see contributes to easeful engagement with the lesson. After we finished the lesson they were allowed to visit the tadpoles in the little pool.  

See you tomorrow night! 

Ki Carol