Middle Grades: September 3-7

The Middle grades had a great time writing their song for the first assembly.  Thanks to everyone who helped on the day of while I was away.  My friend's surgery went well, and we have our fingers crossed that no further treatment or surgery will be necessary.  We have one more creation story to complete today, and then the majority of our week will be spent outside - if it doesn't rain!!  We will be talking about the wonders of creation exhibited right here in our forest.  Stories this week include the story of St. Francis and the story of St. Clare.  Looking ahead, I will be continuing to assess students on their math skills to see where everyone is before we begin our math block.

The students are going to be spending a lot more time outside beginning this week, and they will be in the garden farm area, where there is animal waste.  PLEASE, please, please send boots for them.  We will wash the boots when we return, and their regular shoes will not be muddy and wet.  They need these same boots on Wednesdays with Ki Sonya, since they are likely to be in the pond, the watershed, or the creek.  And since we are talking about shoes,  some of the students still don't have all-the-time inside shoes.  Please follow up on that.

Thank you to the parents who have sent yogurt containers.  We're getting there.  We just need a few more.

Thank you!!!