HomeSchool: Sept 10 - 14

We had so much fun this week, and learned a few things along the way! On Tuesday, we explored the retention pond and collected a few cattails for our classroom. We sewed our master book portfolios together with yarn and practiced the Native American/First Nations patterns we are going to paint on our talking sticks. We made insects out of clay. On Thursday, we played the Fire Brigade water relay at the creek. Getting the pitchers of creek water up the cliff was exciting and wet! We created water color paintings of sunsets in blue, red, and purple and learned more about monarch butterflies and their winter homes in Mexico.

This Tuesday, each HomeSchool student will choose a state to study as a home geography project. They will bring home an envelope with a Great States! form to complete. They should bring these back to school Tuesday, October 2nd (after fall break) and be prepared to share some fun things about their state with the rest of our group.

This Thursday is our school-wide Day of Courage celebration. It is from 2:00 to 2:30pm on the meadow and parents are invited to attend. All students will be singing this chant from the traditional Waldorf Michalmus feast day:

"When I conquer within me fear and wrath,

Mi-chi-el in heaven casts the dragon forth."

For a special morning snack on the Day of Courage, Ki Kelly and Logan are baking a Bread Dragon to share with us. It will contain gluten, raw honey, and butter. It may be decorated with dried coconut shavings, pepitas, dried cranberry, and/or cashews. Bring an alternative snack if you need to. I can't wait to see what our dragon looks like!

I will have carpal tunnel surgery on my left (dominant) wrist this Friday. I'll have fall break to spend some time resting and recovering. I'm assisting with the field trip to Saint Simons Island for Older Grades October 1st thru 3rd so will not be at the school those three days. Kate Brown, Nola and Mike's Mom, will be subbing for me during that time. Ki Kate is going to join us this Thursday, getting to know the students and our rhythm. 

Thanks to Heather and Julia for signing up for a time slot for parent/teacher conferences the week of October 8th. If you have not yet signed up, see the September 10th Monday Messenger that you received as an email, scroll down to Sign-ups are available.... and click on HomeSchool Group. Our conferences will be on the afternoons of October 8th, 9th, 10th, and 11th.
Quote from a child: 

Ki Mike, from Peachtree Bikes: "Be sure you always have plenty of air in your bike tires."

Girl Scout: "Do you mean that when we get our hair cut, we need to stuff the hair into our tires?"

Quote from Unknown: "We do not see the world as it is. We see the world as we are."

See you on the meadow,

Ki Sonya