Lower Grades: August 27 - 31

Thank you Lower Grade families who came to our Parent Night!  It was a lot of fun sharing our circle time activities and weekly rhythm with you all.  My school email is melissa@thegardenmarietta.org if you need to contact me. 

This week we met more consonants as well as the short vowel ā€œeā€.  We shared stories (The Devil and the Three Golden Hairs and The Elves by the Brothers Grimm) as we met the letters and drew several pictures as we went.  The children are really getting the feel for using their block crayons and are drawing with more confidence.  We made egg pudding on Friday.  About half the students decided mixing it with the egg beater was more fun that eating it, while others enjoyed both the making and the eating šŸ˜Š.  For Math, we used dice and counting gems.  The students rolled dice, added the sums and together we tallied answers.  This is a time to introduce the children to math dice.  We will play several math games as a class and eventually break into small groups.

Next Friday will be our First Friday assembly.  We will have morning classes and around 11:45 we will gather in the sanctuary downstairs for our assembly.  At 12:30 the students will gather outside at the picnic tables for early pick-up.  Children who are staying for the rest of the day will join Ki Nina in the afterschool program.  We are looking forward to adding this new experience to our growing school.


Ki Melissa