Middle Grades: August 27 - 31

This week the middle grades began their block on Creation stories.  The students had the opportunity to paint wet on wet versions of each day's creation from the Hebrew creation story.  Next week they will hear the Hopi story of creation, the Cherokee story of creation, and a Chinese story of creation.

Coming up this week is our first First Friday Assembly.  Our students will be presenting their Compost project to the rest of the school, during which were will be a little singing and a little acting and a little fun.  Parents are welcome to attend.  Please remember to arrange to pick your child up at 12:30, or make arrangements for them to attend after care.

We talked about nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs, and we will be compiling index cards of words to identify as doing, naming, or describing.  We will be using the cards to write sentences, and will begin to name the types of sentences over the course of the next several weeks.  Any reinforcement from home is welcome!!

I still need individual yogurt sized containers.  Please send what you have.  If every family sent two, we'd be in great shape.

I haven't heard from everyone about the field trip.  I have to send the deposit on Tuesday, so at this point I am assuming that every child will be going.  If that is not the case, please let me know so that we don't purchase a ticket that can't be used.  Nicole Mateo is the only confirmed chaperone/driver at this time.  We need at least two more drivers..  Remember that you have to have a volunteer form on file, which will require a background check.  I need to have the chaperone count by Tuesday also, so please communicate!!

Let's talk about shoes.... each child needs to have waterproof boots for nature study, gardening, and other woodsy activities.  Now that our boxes are finished, these boots can stay at school in the box.  Most of the students already have their eurhythmy slippers.  These are kept upstairs, so that if a child gets mud on their shoes, or gets them wet, and has to leave them at the door, they will have something to wear to the bathroom and to the lunchroom, two places where they have to wear shoes.  If your child doesn't have the slippers, or if you have not provided an acceptable alternative, it is very important that you send in a pair of shoes or get your child fitted for the eurhythmy slippers as soon as possible.  Check in at the front desk to ask about the slippers.

Save the dates:  Thursday, Sept. 20 - Day of Courage, 2:00 p.m.  Our class is telling the story while it is being acted out.  Sept. 24-28 Fall Break.

If you haven't yet joined Bloomz, please think about it.  It's the best way to get last minute news and reminders, and a great place to ask questions.