Lower Grades: Jan 14 - 18

The Lower Grades had a fun and busy week. It felt great for us to be together again!  While we hadn’t been together as a class for quite some time, the children were ready to be back together for all our learning and playing!

We spent the week with the story, The Four Seasons, as the base for our form drawings. The children enjoyed moving the various running forms (continuous vertical forms that repeat for the width of the page) in a variety of ways such as moving forwards, backwards, on tiptoes, galloping, etc.  They also practiced drawing each repeatedly in air and on paper before drawing the form one final time for their Master Books. The children also chose parts and acted out The Four Season story as well, amid much laughter! 

This week we enjoyed continuing in Mandarin and warmly welcomed Ki Evelyn as our new Spanish teacher. We got right back to work with Ki Ieva for handwork and got busy with Ki Sonya for both Gardening and Nature Study. Each morning we are practicing with all grades classes for our maypole dance held during our Grandfriends tea.  The children are learning to move together in rhythm and pattern. They made great strides between Monday and Friday!  We also enjoyed experiencing the train layouts from the Southern Museum in Kennesaw.  Thank you to Christopher Banz’s dad, Ki Richard, and his associate, Ki Josh, for setting up and sharing the trains with us.  The students loved it!

For our next block we will be working with word families (“ig” pig, jig, rig; “ale” pale, tale, sale; “uff” puff, fluff, etc.).  Word families support both reading(sounding out) and writing (spelling).  We will work together to create the various word families (nonsense words included), write silly sentences and learn spelling rules as we go. 

The cold weather is back!  Please send your child in layers!  Hats and gloves, while no fun to keep up with, helps keep their heads and hands warm while we work and play outside.  While the dome is warm and comfortable, it does take it a bit of time to get there on the coldest mornings.  Layers help the children stay comfortable throughout the day.


Ki Melissa