Meadowgarten: Jan 14 - 18

Hi Meadowgarten Families!

It was wonderful to be back together this past week in the Meadowgarten! The children were hard at play all week long.  We are thankful to Don Andres for building a raised platform at our Basecamp in the forest over the break.  We loved having our snack and foreign language classes there each day. 

 The Meadowgarteners were so eager to return to our forest activities this week.  It was hard to tear ourselves away at lunch time!  They were busy preparing “smoothies” and “baked goods” in the mud kitchen, collecting firewood for our daily fires, playing in the newly built fort, building fairy houses, and even chopping down a dead tree! 

Our older students began the Golden Knights program with Ki Aja this past week where they are engaging in first grade readiness activities.  They returned to us each day with big smiles and rave reviews! We are excited to see our rising first graders take this important leap toward their future academic development. 

We started grating soap this week as part of our practical work.  The children took this work very seriously and we already filled up a large container!  The next step will be to fill soap dispensers with a mixture of the grated soap and water and deliver fresh soap to the bathrooms and kitchen.  

Ki Amanda has come to the difficult decision to move on from the Garden School having accepted another position while preparing for nursing school later this spring. This week will be Ki Amanda’s last week with us and we are looking forward to a smooth transition welcoming Ki Holly as our new teacher along with Ki Amy.

Please remember to send an uncut, unwashed vegetable to school every Tuesday or Wednesday. Vegetables can be placed in the picnic basket on the picnic table outside.