Lower Grades: Jan 22 - 25

The Lower Grades began their new language block this past week.  We are reviewing short vowel sounds as well as learning four basic diagraphs (/ch/, /sh/, /wh/, /th/) and practicing two and three letter blends (/pl/ as in plan, /str/ as in strap).  We built word families around short /a/ and short /e/ using these concepts, creating both real and nonsensical words and identifying which is which.  As we move forward, we will look at vowel pairs and their various sounds.  We are also increasing our sight word bank and creating silly sentences using our word families and sight words. 


The children enjoyed building patterns with pattern blocks as well as copying patterns from cards. We began making pot holders using looms and fabric bands this week.  The children have been coaching each other through the process, which has been fun and mostly effective . In Handwork, children are at various stages with their projects.  All children are working with knitting on two needles creating various projects depending on their skill level.  Spanish and Mandarin are going well.  They will being drawing the characters  for numerals in Mandarin this coming month.  For Nature Study, they looked at and touched various animal pelts and learned more about our various woodland creatures.  In Gardening, the students helped to move manure to the compost area.  As always, Forect-cess, our Friday time out in the woods, was the most fun (just ask them!).  The children are exploring the woods between the Dome and Kindergarten play area with zeal!

Please join us Tuesday, February 5th from 7-9 pm for our All School Meeting.  Parent Conferences will be held the week of February 11-15th.  We will have school for half days that week. 


Ki Melissa