Mountaingarten: Jan 22 - 25

Last week was a wonderful first week back. We celebrated Walter's birthday and Max's half birthday. We would like to thank Amy and Mike for bringing in a snack for Max's half birthday, and Linnea for bringing in a snack to share for Walter's birthday. 

While in the forest area, the children were able to see the ice forming in the trees and continue to work diligently on their fairy homes. Tuesdays and Thursdays we will become Sungarten where we will be joining the Meadow class for our morning activities. 

The children were able to participate in Creature Feature where they were able to view and touch lizards, salamanders, frogs, and snakes. The children enjoyed the snake the most and were excited to be able to touch him. 

The children also enjoyed having our adopted turtle in our classroom over the week, they had lots of fun watching and feeding him.

On Friday, the children participated in show and tell, where they brought in items such as a mirror, crystal stones, moss, a picture of the child's baseball team, a yoga bowl, stones, and some sang the ABC song.


Parent/teacher conference is the week of February 11.