First Grade: September 30 - October 4

Hello First Grade Families! 

I lift my arms to the clear blue sky,

I stretch them wide and I stretch them high.

Firmly on the earth I stand,

To my neighbor I give my hand.

Last week we finished our second block (our language arts block) and now we will be moving on to a math block. The letters that we have gone over thus far are C,O,A,D,W,T,M,S. Last week, we listened to two more stories and added three more letters to finish up our block.  The first was The Marriage of Mrs. Fox and the second was Little Red Cap. These stories brought us the letters F, L and R. 

In our math block this week, I will be introducing the students to children who live in this fascinating world of superheroes. The superheroes will help the students with navigating through the numbers 1-12 with the adventures that will come about.


Ki Aja