Joyful Beginnings: September 30 - October 4

We were happy to see our students coming back after their week-long vacation. It’s so nice to see the classroom bustling full with kids. Everyone was so excited to see their friends at school again. 

The theme of the week was apples. We recited a poem about apples, sang a song about apples, drew pictures with apples and listened to a fairy tale about apples. We even had apples as our snacks. :)

We went to the garden patch. Some students watered plants and vegetables. We were also lucky to find one freshly hatched egg to take back to the school!

Friday we had storytime combined with snack. The story was about the little boy looking for a red house without doors and windows that has the star inside. As we told the story we cut open the red apples to reveal the star in the middle holding little seeds. It was lots of fun and we ate a lot of apples!